I would be very interested to receive any stories or recollections by former Air Crew of their time with 460 Squadron. I am also interested in borrowing any photographs of 460 Squadron that I can scan to place them on this Home Page. 

E-mail me with any information on 460 Squadron.

Regards Peter Dunn


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Frank Maher

Frank advised me via a friend Mick Flanagan of two 460 Squadron members living in Bentleigh, Melbourne.

Ivan Dominikovich

Ivan's wife's sister has a connection to 460 Squadron. Her husband John Emery had a brother, Arthur Francis Emery,  who served and died in 460 Squadron

Susan Salvair

Susan's father (name unknown) queried whether Flight Sergeant W. Rose would have received a DFC?

Stephen McGrory

Stephen is the son of F-S Sydney (Mick) Robert McGrory, DFM.

Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts from Meadowbank in Sydney sent me details on his father William Edmund Roberts' service in 460 Squadron

Robert Jarvis

Robert Jarvis from Melbourne is researching the life of his deceased uncle James Lowrey Forrest, killed in action on 9 April 1943

Roger Rigby

Roger is researching his uncle, Eric Ross Greenacre, DFC, who flew with 460 Squadron during WWII. His Lancaster was damaged over Southern Germany in late 1944. He survived without injury as did all his crew.

Vic Grimmett (DFC)

Vic Grimmett (DFC) visited the Home Page and offered some photographs of himself and his crew with their aircraft "K" for Killer and another showing the whole of 460 Squadron

Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson is the second cousin of James (Geoff) Gibson, who was lost on the night of 18/19 Nov 43. He was captain of DV 341, AR-C2 which apparently crashed near Zonigall, about 7kms east of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

David Fell

David's uncle was killed on an operation to Vire on 6/7 June 1944. His uncle was in 103 Squadron and they were on the same mission where 460 Squadron Lancaster JB700 piloted by P/O F J Knight was shot down. He is after any info on this crew or their burial places and if any remains were found.

John Williams

John has the log book of F/Sgt C K Smith KIA, 22/9/43 plus he is in contact with F/O A. J. Tod (DFC).   He also sent me photographs of airmen Alfred Walter Teerman and W.A. Burgum as well as John Francis Worley and his fiancee Joan Kelly.

James T. Ward

James has the flight log book of his father Thomas Ward who flew with the 460 Squadron.

Bob Ward

Bob's father was stationed at RAF Mamby during WW2  and was still residing in England in December 1997. He is curious to know which bomb sight is fitted to "G" for George. He believes it would be either the Mark IV or the SABS.

Jeff Knight

Jeff Knight's step father was a member of 460 Squadron who was shot down in "A" for "Apple" (No. 4273) on 22 Nov 1942. He was captured by the Germans and became a prisoner of war.

Peter Lund

Peter Lund is researching the crash of a 103 Sqd Lancaster. Peter has some information about the 7 known 460 losses in Denmark. He is also interested in some information about W/C Hughie Edwards.

Matt Poole

Matt Poole has researched Thomas John O'Donohue, DFM, who was wounded in the right thigh by a night fighter's bullet, during a raid over Essen on 12 April 1942.  He was later killed while on a mission on 29 Feb 1944 in a B-24 of 159 Squadron RAF over Rangoon.  They were shot down by two Japanese Oscars.

Thierry Desbois

Thierry is looking for any kind on information on a bombing mission of 460 Squadron on the Bruze Ammunition dump on 7 May 1944.

John Knilands

John has an interest in  Sgt. Bruce Knilands, his father's cousin. He has a head and shoulders photo of him in his RAAF uniform 

Walter Arksey

Walter Arksey is named after his uncle Walter Lynwood Arksey, killed on 10 June 1944. Walter was one of the Canadians flying with the RAAF. In Canada, they have named lakes after those killed in the war. Walter's "Arksey Lake" is in the far north of the province of Manitoba.

Anthony Staunton

Anthony has compiled a list of RAAF awards for 460 Squadron members. The list contains rank, full name (surname and christian names), Serial No. and date mentioned in the London Gazette.

Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald is a collector of aircrew memorabilia for both wars. He has a number of aircrew medals in his collection and is trying to identify 8246 F/O A.J. Jackson RAAF.

Greg ? (Avatar)

Greg is researching the Royes family and noticed that F-S Royes died on 31 Oct 1944.

Gary Fleetwood

Gary's father Don Fleetwood bought back a bomb sight from the war - it is new - still on packing case. Gary is after some info as to it's origin.  Gary also has his father's log book.

Daryl Cowley

Daryl is a self confessed "Lancaster Nut" who works at the AWM's Trelaor Centre. Over the years he has collected many movies and books on Lancasters, but the one thing he can't find is a set of plans for a Lancaster to scan.

Cliff Bird

Cliff Bird is an ex tail-gunner of 460 Squadron, who was born and raised a Canadian. He moved into an Aussie crew when he lost his Canadian crew at OTU (Operational Training Unit). He flew in Doug James' crew out of Binbrook in "B Baker".

Bronwyn Ryan (nee Llewellyn)

Bronwyn Ryan's late father, Albert Edward LLewellyn was a navigator in 460 squadron. He flew one mission in "G" for George when "K" for Kitty was out of service. His pilot was Neil Peters and the bomb aimer was Harry Britton.

Tom Mc Guinness

Tom McGuinness offered information on the "Hammer and Sickle" painted on one of the bomb tallies on "G" for George.

Clinton Pender

Clinton Pender of the Caltra Post Office in County Galway in Ireland has a customer called Tony Lee, who tells him of his war days in the RAF and in 460 Squadron. Tony Lee flew 81 missions in Lancasters. He has relayed his memories to Clinton of some of the missions especially those over Cologne and Stetien.

Wim Govaerts

Wim Govaerts in Belgium has sent me a photograph of a cardboard poster commemorating 79 missions for "G" for George. The card was sent home to his parents by Austin Edwards, who was the flight engineer of the crew of F/O Leggett.

Louis Micklefield

Louis Micklefield had an uncle Sgt.George R. Micklefield who flew with 460 Squadron Squadron.   Sgt. George R. Micklefield was born in Boreham, near Chelmsford, Essex, England. His nickname was "Dump" as he enjoyed dumplings so much with his roast dinners. Louis would also like to know of any future "Reunion's" coming or being held in England at any time soon so his Father could go along.

John Currie

John Currie, 427806 is an ex member of 460 Squadron. He has done a lot of work analysing the operational records of 460 . Eventually he hopes to have a complete record of the crews on every sortie in a readily accessible data base. He is a friend of Peter Firkins.

Matthew Ford

Matthew, who lives in Goondiwindi,  often visits the Australian War Memorial and pays his tributes to "G" for George and thinks of the Australians that gave their all in those magnificent aircraft.  His Great Uncle Patrick Ford flew with no 12 Squadron RAF Wickenby with Lancasters during WW2.

Reed Leighton

Reed Leighton's father (WO RS Leighton) was a member of 460 Squadron.  His father attened the 460 Squadron reunion in March 1998 in Melbourne.

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips and his father have been trying to find out exactly what happened to Chris's Uncle, Sgt (Flight Engineer) Henry Pole, 1648307 Royal Air Force (Volunteer Reserve) 460 (Royal Australian Air Force) Squadron.  They have discovered that his Lancaster number JB598 took off from RAF Binbrook at 2012 hours on the night of 26th March 1944 for  a bombing raid on Essen. The plane crashed on the German/Belgian border at Prum (Germany). The whole crew were killed and are today buried side by side at Hotton Military Cemetery (Belgium). Immediately after the crash.

Simon Cox

Simon Cox is the son in law of Francis (Frank) Walker who was a member of 460 Squadron ground crew as an instrument basher.  Frank lives at "Tamberlaine", Rushmere Lane, Orchard Leigh, Chesham, Bucks., UK.

Norm Bateman

Norm's father, Jerry Bateman, is a member of 460 Squadron in Western Australia.

Richard Dobie

Richard Dobie has an interest in Sgt.John C.Plummer who was a printer working for Fairfax before joining up.  He was also well known in competitive swimming.

John Bird

John is the son of Cliff Bird who flew with 460.  Cliff would like to hear from other 460 people.   He is interested in information about the 20 mm cannons that were used on Lancasters

John Frearson

John Frearson from Miami, Florida, USA has an uncle, Keith Septimus Frearson, DFC who lives in Melbourne and flew with the 460 squadron.

Wayne McNee

Wayne McNee from Bundaberg advised that F/Sgt Stan Hodge, who now lives in Bundaberg was a member of Lancaster ME663 crew and is very active in the RSL in Bundaberg.

Gerard Bourke

Gerard Bourke's father-in-law, Frank, visited the War Cemetry in Uden, in central Holland and discovered the graves of 19 RAAF servicemen. Eight of them are from the 460 Squadron.

Mick Read

Mick was in Uden, in central Holland in September/December 1944. This is where eight 460 Squadron personnel were buried. (See Gerard Bourke above)

Bryan Sear

Bryan's father, Doug Sear flew 24 missions in "Q" for Queenie in 460 Squadron.

Croydon Secondary College

A History Teacher from Croydon Secondary College visited the 460 Squadron home page and sent me an e-mail.

Jenny Walkom

Jenny Walkom's father Dalby Neville Loftus Dart was in 460 Squadron.  He died, after a long illness, on 22nd December, 1989. Jenny has copies of her father's Air Force books, papers etc.

Barry Arksey

Barry's uncle, Walter Arksey, was a Canadian who served in 460 Squadron, RAAF.

Steve and Alison Price

Steve and Alison Price have met Mr. David Francis, DFC, formerly a Navigator with 460 Squadron from November 44 to April 45. David Francis  was involved in 33 missions.   He flew in "C" for Charlie (2) with Pilot Gus Rose. He is actually an Welshman from the Royal Air Force.

Gary Duggleby

Gary is researching Holme on Spalding moor airfield. He believes that the first loss incurred by 460 Squadron was on the night of the 17th of February 1942 involving Z1327 UV-W with the loss of all lives.

Brian London

Brian London is a friend of Tony Knight, the son of Noel Knight who was a navigator on Aussie 2.

Lorraine Marshall

Lorraine's father, William Campbell Murray MAXTON and his brother Eric James Maxton served in 460 squadron in 1944. William and his brother Eric were pilot and radio engineer in "D" for Dog and completed 30 missions. To their knowledge they were the only two brothers allowed to fly together during the war.

Bruce Rayner

and Jeanette Egan

Bruce told me about Sydney Michael O'Brien of 460 Squadron. Sydney was alias Michael RUSS born 1911. He was a 'timber contractor' at Innisfail in north Queensland, when war started. He was killed with all the crew of Lancaster W4818 on night of 4 May 1943 over Dortmund, Germany. Jeanette Egan, a friend of Stanley Russ, the son of Michael Russ, has now contacted me about his father.

Elva Dimsey

Elva is the brother of F/Sgt Ronald Gooding who flew in "G" for George at least 8 times and was killed in action on 4 April 1943 in a raid over Kiel.

Jim Stone

Jimbo Stone told me about a book he was reading entitled "Action Stations - Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands by Bruce Barrymore Halfpenny. One of the airfields mentioned is Binbrook. 460 Squadron also rates a mention.

Andy Rees

Andy's father may have been with 460 Squadron. His name was Oscar Rees DSO DFC.

John Roberts

John queried some of the statistics regarding 460 Squadron.

John Poulter

John knows Squadron Leader Frank Lawrence, DFC, DFM who lives in Maryborough.

Andy Pratley

Andy lives in Germany and is writing abook about the raid on Mülheim (22/23 June 1943). During this raid 7 members of 460 Squadron lost thier lives, when their Lancaster III (EE166 AR-) crashed at 0130 hrs at a mill in Mülheim-Heißen.

John L. Burgum

John thinks he is related to W.A. Burgum from 460 Squadron.

Ashley Wood

Ashley's grandfather was Pilot Officer R.W. Wood, a Navigator in 460 Squadron at Breighton.  He was killed during a mission on 19 October 1942.   Ashley would like to find out more information about this mission and his grandfather's death.

Grant Worthington

Grant is researching his uncle's death in Lancaster EDD664 (AR-A2) which crashed near Mollen north west of Duisburg..  

Shane Hammond

Shane's father, W.O. Thomas Hammond, flew with 460 Squadron from approx 1944 - 45.  His normal aircraft was "Howe 2", flown mostly by Brian Mulchay.

Kenneth Bell

Ken's my father-in-law, Robert John Longmore (now deceased), served as a rear gunner with 460 sqdn and also flew op no.33 on "G" for GEORGE.  The operation was to Duisberg.

James Freeman

James Freeman's father, Flt. Lt. Edward (Ted) Roy Freeman MBE, DFC (408678) served for 54 operations in 103 (RAF), 463, 467, 99 (RAAF) from May 1941- 1945.

His good friend Thomas McNeil (405381) in 460 Ssquadron was lost on 29 March 1943.  Ted is interested in more information on Thomas McNeil and his fate.

Christopher Pointon

Christopher's tennis club in Wolverhampton, UK has reinstated a Plaque commemorating three RAF Aircrew who were members of the Club and all were KIA in World War 11. One of these is 1183329 F/Sgt Robert J. Rogers W/Op-Air Gunner who served with 460 Squadron at Breighton.

Anthony Clitheroe

Anthony Clitheroe's uncle, Sgt. Ernest Anthony Bogle (1127216), was in 460 Squadron.  He was killed during a bombing mission on 15 June 1943.

Richard Green

"Greeny" is an Air Cadet in 460 Squadron Air Training Corps in UK. He was after pictures of the Squadron's planes.

Sidney Willis

Sidney's brother, Frederick Charles Willis, was a Flight Engineer in 460 Squadron. During a raid on Augusburg, Germany on 25 Feb 1944, his aircraft JB 742, failed to return to its base at RAF Binbrook. The pilot was Ronald Cecil Martin.

Les Short

Les is a brother-in-law of the above Sidney Willis. Les has sent me some photos of Frederick Charles Willis.

Paul Ross

Paul's father's cousin was Pilot Officer Edwin John Ross, service number 407562. He served with 460 Squadron and was killed on Sunday the 2nd of January 1944.

Howard Bye

Howard's uncle, F/O John Frederick Summers,  was killed while flying with 460 Squadron.  He has his uncle's log book and other papers and is interested in communicating with anyone who knew his uncle.

Cathy Dunn

Cathy is a friend of Tony Skarratt who is the brother of Flying Officer M.C. Skarratt of 460 Squadron who was killed in action on 24 December 1944.

Herb Oliver

Herb and his wife Mary have an interest in 460 Squadron and have visited Binbrook and sent me some great photographs.

Max Spence

Max Spence, and an member of 460 Squadron, pointed out that I had Americanised "Operations" to "Missions".

Mike Waterston

Mike's father, Bob Waterston, was a flight Engineer with Murray Maxton serving on Lancasters with 460 Squadron. He is a geordie from the North East of England.

Brian Thompson

Brian is helping the sister of Flying Officer Francis Archibald Randall, DFC of 460 Squadron to find out more information on her brother.  F/O Randall was killed on 16 December 1943.

Dick Goldring

Dick completed a tour of operations with 463 Squadron based at Waddington and knew several members of 460 Squadron including John Treloar and Denis Richens who flew together and were killed on 23 Oct 1944. They all went to high school together in Tamworth, along with W/C Keith Douglas another 460 Squadron member.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson from Dunedin in New Zealand, is the nephew of Pat Cooney, a pilot in 460 squadron. He trained in NZ, and was initially posted to 142 squadron based at Binbrook in August 1941. He was posted to 460 squadron in Dec 1941, flying from Breighton from January 1942 onwards. He failed to return from a mission on 13 March 1942 to bomb Dunkirk, having been shot down over Belgium.

Tony Cooper

Tony Cooper is the son-in-law of W-O R. J. Brummell, a rear gunner in 460 Squadron. In late August 1999 he was residing in the Carindale Nursing Home in Brisbane.

Michael Caine

Michael is the future Grandson-in-law-to-be of Retired Air Commodore Horton "Spike" Marsh CBE DFC. He commanded 460 Squadron in 1944 during the time in which "G" for George flew her last sortie.

Ted Williamson

Ted Williamson from South Australia is an ex Wireless Operator from 460 Squadron. He completed 31 operations in Vic Grimmet's crew. He's interested in information on F/O G.S. Brown, who was killed in an operation on 3 February 1945 against Bottrop.

Sue MacDonald

Sue's uncle Robert Dickie, was a navigator in 460 Squadron. Unfortunately his plane was shot down and he was buried in Holland along with the rest of the crew.

Carol Stiles

Carol's uncle Ewin Garth Carthew was killed on 4 Sep 1943 when Lancaster EE138 was shot down over Denmark.

Magnus Roche

Magnus lives adjacent to Breighton airfield.

Peter Kerr

Peter's uncle, Sergeant Roderick Watson Kerr, of 460 Squadron, perished on a training flight on either the 2nd or 3rd of March in 1943

Melanie Spencer

Melanie Spencer's great grandfather, Claude Spencer, was the engineer on the plane that flew under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Andrew & Tim Hebron

Andrew and Tim are the sons of Sergeant George Herbert "Bert" Hebron of 460 Squadron. George also served with 455 Squadron for a bit.

Arnold Kloeden

Flight Lieutenant Arnold Mackenze KLOEDEN (429705), served with 460 Squadron in the last six months of the war. He had first served in the army until 1942 when he enlisted in the RAAF late in 1942.

Fr. Clifton Graham

Fr. Graham's cleaner, Pat Kazmi, is the daughter of Flt. Lt. Christopher Sanders who flew with 460 Sqaudron RAAF. Sadly he did not return form his last sortie on 12.12.1944. The crew are buried together in the Reichwald Cemetery in Germany.

Melanie & John Colvin

Melanie's father, George F Clarke DFC, was transferred from 100 Squadron, Grimsby to 460 Squadron, Binbrook. He was there from May 1944 to July 1944, as a Flight Engineer

Terry Gardner

Terry's father - John Robert Gardner, DFC - was a Pilot Officer in 460 squadron.

Catherine Ross

Catherine's grandfather, Michael D.D. "Don" Delaney, MID, flew with 460 Squadron during WW2 as aircrew for "Q" for Queenie. He passed away in October 1993.

Christine Ambler-Sutton

Christine's father was Kenneth Edward Ambler who was a member of the RAF flying with the RAAF. He was a bomb aimer in 460 Squadron, stationed most of the time at Binbrook. He was a member of the crew of Fl. Lt. Donald Harold Heggie that was shot down in the early hours of the morning of 22nd March 1945. Christine's father and Don were the only two to survive.

Arif Ansari

Arif's grandfather, David Cook, was a navigator with 460 Squadron, and is living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Neale Hadley

Neale's father's cousin was P-O Lloyd Henry Moorehead Hadley, DFC, who was killed in action on 10 June 1943.

Brian Olesen

Brian is a member of the local RSL sub Branch in Epping (Sydney) and is interested in the fates of Australians who were shot down over Denmark, and especially the memorials set all over the country to the bravery of the allied fliers, who died there.

David Hawthorne

David lives at Bangor in Northern Ireland. His uncle, Spiers Wilson lost his brother Sergeant George Joseph Wilson when Lancaster No. 4331 UV-R crashed into a fishing lake at Oggersheim, a current suburb of Ludwigshafen in Germany.

Euan Taylor

Euan's wife's cousin was F/Sgt Tom "Sonny" Dawson RAFVR, of 460 Squadron RAAF.  He died on 31 March 944 on a raid to Nuremberg. Euan is looking for any information of Tom and/or life on 460 Sqdn at Binbrook in 1943/44.

Tony Flashman

Tony Flashman, who is from the UK, is related to Flying Officer Alfred Flashman, 413079 killed in June 1943. There is some confusion as to the exact date.

Angus Gordon

Angus's father, Ron Gordon, joined 460 Squadron at Binbrook in February '44 with F/Lt. Willis as his pilot and did 9 ops with him between Feb and Jun '44.

Norman DeCelles

Norman's uncle, Leo Lorne Norman De Celles was a Canadian Pilot Officer flying in 460 Squadron when he was killed on 24 February 1944 over Scweifurt.

Greg Groves

Greg's uncle, Warrant Officer Kevin Kieran Groves, flew as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 460 Squadron in Wellingtons and Lancs, from Breighton and Binbrook. He was shot down over Leipzig on 19/20 Feb 1944.

Ross Eastgate

Ross is President of the Surfers Paradise RSL. The IPP is also an ex 460 Squadron member (Navigator) called Ken Selleck. Ross is co-commentator for the ABC coverage of the Brisbane ANZAC Day.

Steve Daly

Steve's father, Sergeant Peter James Daly, served with 460 Squadron between 6th January 1944 and 8th June 1944 as a tail gunner. His regular "skipper" was W/O M. Stafford.

Des Thomas

Des was a Flight Engineer with Stan Daley and his crew. He joined 460 Squadron in March 1944 and his first trip was too Stuttgart on 15 March 1944.

Paul Welch

Paul Welch is interested in details on Lancaster W4864 that crashed near RAF Shawbury, in the grounds of Acton Reynolds girl's school, in Shropshire on 3 March 1943.

Bruce Hall

Bruce's father-in-law, Flight Sgt Frank Ward DFM, flew with 460 Squadron and was lost over Germany in 1943 during a raid on Pilzen.

Peter Moore

Peter flew from Breighton and Binbrook completing his first tour there. He has been trying to find out about one of his pilots Mike Christensen.
Andy Newman Andy's late grand-father, Sgt. Thomas Charles Newman, was with 460 Squadron and he was killed on 14 Dec 1944 whilst returning to base.
Tony Newman Tony's father's late cousin Thomas Charles Newman was the flight engineer on the 460 Squadron flight piloted by M.C.Skarratt & navigated by R.I.Dickie, which was shot down over Holland on 24/12/1944. He was the only English crew member on the R.A.A.F. flight, all of which were killed that day and are buried together in Holland.
Greg Kopchuk Greg lives in Canada and has interviewed a tailgunner who served in 460 Squadron. His name was Bud Ward and he was shot down in "Q" for Queenie on 4 Sep 43 during a raid to Berlin.
Jeff Dunn Jeff's father, Sgt. F.S. Dunn (1579910), was a POM mid upper gunner in 460 Squadron RAAF. He is hoping to find details of the Rear Gunner on his last sortie, on 2nd October 1943. They were shot down over Munich, and the Rear Gunner Sgt. W.E Edmonds was the only fatality. The Captain on the sortie, was George Wellar.
Karen Karner Karen's 1st cousin twice removed was Pilot Officer Jack Turnbull who was a pilot officer with 460 Squadron RAAF. He was killed on 18 Oct 1943 over Hanover.
Helen Greenhouse Helen's father is Neville "Snowy" Bishop Johnson of 460 Squadron RAAF.
Ralph Murray Ralph is a good friend of 84 year old S. l. Jim Davey from 460 Squadron.
Geoff Sullivan Geoff's father, Arthur Ronald Sullivan, was awarded a DFC during his tour with 460 Squadron. He died in Feb 1996.
Walter Sleight Walter lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, which is within 10 miles of Binbrook. Walter's father's sister Pam married Peter Butler-Yates who was a pilot with 460 Squadron.
James Elwing James' father was Archie Elwing, who was a member of Jan Goulevitch's crew in 460 Squadron.
David Tod David's father, Alexander James Tod DFC, joined the RAAF on 12 Dec 1942 and flew with 460 Squadron on 35 missions from 5 Oct 1944 to 12 Mar 1945.
Matt Horan Matt is a journalist with The Courier-Mail. His grandfather, Bill Brannelly, flew with 460 Squadron in 1943 as a bomb-aimer.
Diana Burgess Diana is the niece of Sgt Dennis Thomas (nick name Happy) who served in the 460 Squadron. His last mission was to Bochum on 12th June 1943. The Lancaster Mark 1, serial number W 4316 came down over Grafhorst, Holland. The other members of the crew who perished were R O Vaughan, C W R Young, D C P Lundie, Gordon & L F C Day. The sole survivor was J C Cornish.
Dave Holmes Dave told me about a possible article that may appear in the Womans Weekly about somebody looking for a J. L. Thomson. The Service No. matches a fellow that he knows from 460 Squadron.
Max Falconer Max's father, Douglas Martin Falconer, was in 460 Squadron from Jan 1944. He made a couple of trips in "G" for George.
John Byrne John's cousin was FlgOff Lawrence John (Mike) Eaton, who flew as a Pilot with 460 Squadron.
Arnold Detmar In 1984 Arnold conducted an investigation with the co-operations of the salvage and recovery unit of the Royal Dutch Airforce into the crash of a Lancaster of 460 Squadron RAAF on 23 May 1943 at Schoonebeek in Holland. The request came from the brother of Charles Sinclair Wright, who was killed in this crash. Other 460 Squadron members killed in this crash were Beresford Milton Troy Davis, Eric Rowlands, Kenneth Douglas Dyce, Jack Stanley Biffen and Frederick Wilson Ralph.
Kenneth Crowe Ken's father, Kevin Crowe, flew in 460 Squadron. He is interested in finding out more information about his father's time in 460 Squadron.,
Dave Smith Dave thinks that It is possible that his father may have witnessed the downing of Lancaster W4330 on April 21, 1943 over Jutland.
Lyn Lamble Lyn's husband's late uncle, F/O Francis Stephen Lamble, was a member of 460 Squadron from early 1943 until 22 June 1944 when he went missing believed killed during an operation over Rheims, France - presumed dead 23.06.44. Other crew members killed were Warrant Officer W.N. English, Flight Sergeant D.M. Shelton, Royal Australian Air Force, Sergeant E.J. Foddering, Royal Air Force, and two unknown members lost their lives - one of whom (from personal letters) was Rear Gunner S.J. Allsep.
Stefano Antoniazzi Stefano and his two frineds Michele and Gigi live in Italy. They are very passionate about military aircraft and are after patches of 460 Squadron and/or aircraft photos.
Peter Lawrence Peter's uncle was William James Morrow, who served with 460 Squadron in WWII, and who was awarded the DFC.
Sandy Millhouse Sandy Millhouse is researching Alfred Charles Ronald Flashman (known as Ron) of 460 Squadron who was reported missing on Air operations frorn United Kingdom on 14th June 1943.
Ken Tweedie Ken is an ex member of 460 Squadron living in Townsville. He sent me a photograph of Bob White's crew in front of "Q" for Queenie in March/April 1944. Ken also included a story of the crash and loss through fire of Lancaster JB 662 (AR-R) at Binbrook on 18 April 1944.
Ken Chapman Ken's uncle was Flight Engineer R.E Watson RAFVR of 460 Squadron who was killed in June 1943 on Lancaster LM324.
N. Dickinson N. Dickinson's uncle, Joe Slater Thompson, was in 460 Squadron in W.J. Pepper's crew.
Mick McCarthy Mick McCarthy is the chairman of 460 (Dunstable) Squadron Air Training Corps civilian committee.
Peter McCarthy Peter is a Cadet Corporal at 460 (Dunstable) Squadron ATC and is after pictures of 460 Squadron aircraft.
Lisa Turner-Nowak Lisa's father was in 460 Squadron. She is after any information or photographs of her father, Donald Arthur Turner.
Chris Deykin Chris's Grandfather, Christopher Sanders of 460 Squadron R.A.A.F. failed to return from his last sortie on the 12th December 1944 to Essen, under Sqdn. Leader J. Clark (D.F.C.)
Mark Huckerby Mark's girlfriend's grandfather is 403242 Robert Marshall Hetherington, DFC, CBE. He flew with 460 Squadron from 1941- 1944. He later became Labour Minister for Hong Kong.
Jeff Richmond Jeff's uncle, Alec St. Smith, was a pilot of "G" for George.
John Walsh John is the nephew of Cyril Walsh, a crew member of 460 Squadron Lancaster EE 138 which was shot down in Stadil on 4 September 1943. John and his wife and Cyril's sister visited the crash/grave site on Anzac Day 2000.
Martin Hemming Martin's father, Albert Hemming DFC, was a (British) navigator with 460 Squadron. His pilot for all his operations was W. Bateman. Martin would like find to out which operations his father went on.
Peter Reid Peter is interested in the crash of Lancaster PB 542 on 12/13 Dec 1944 during an operation to Essen. He is particularly interested to know if L. Milner survived the war as a POW.
Elizabeth Shepherd Elizabeth's mother's cousin's husband's cousin (complex enough?) was Alfred R. Mark, a Canadian that served in the 460 Squadron and was killed on 24 Feb 1944. He was eventually interred in Durnbach War Cemetery and Elizabeth's mother's cousin would like to find out which plot.
Victor Mark Victor's cousin was Alfred R. Mark, a Canadian of 460 Squadron. (See the above e-mail). Victor and his wife Monica (Elizabeth's mother) visited Durnbach Military Cemetery in Germany in September 2000 to view Alfred R. Mark's headstone.
Doug Robinson Doug's cousin, Charles Lloyd Robinson was a bomb aimer with 460 Squadron. His regular skipper was W/O Watson. Doug believes that Lloyd took part in the Pennemunde raid with another crew.
Jan Springintveld Jan is secretary of the Crash Research Aviation Society of Holland 1940-1945. They are researching the air war over Holland during WW2. They are currently investigating the crash of 460 Squadron Lancaster AR-R, which was lost in the night of 11/12 June 1943.
Jill Birt Jill's husband's uncle was Peter Birt who died during a raid on Stuttgart on Jan 28 1945 at the age of 21. Jill would love to talk with someone who knew Peter.
"Bertie" Booth Bertie's uncle, Sgt. Ernest Booth of 460 Squadron, became a Prisoner of War after Lancaster EE167 was shot down on 14/15 June 1943. 
Grant Lovett Grant's father is after information on F/Lt (later Sqn Leader) E T Cappi DFC. He has in his possession Cappi's DFC group of medals and would like to build up a history on Cappi, his crew and his aircraft.
Euan Allison Euan is interested in finding out more about his gradfather, James Allison, who was a bomb aimer in 460 Squadron RAAF. He suffered a broken leg in the crash of Lancaster ND366 on 21 January 1944.
Sally Kinghorn Sally's father was John Francis Kinghorn (WO 418281) of 460 Squadron RAAF. He was a rear gunner.
Ross Stewart Ross is researching his uncle James Stewart who was killed in the crash of Lancaster ED711 on 16 April 1943 during a raid over Pilzen.
Bryan Chapman Bryan father was Viv Chapman who was a member of 460 Squadron. Bryan is interested to know what became of the rest of his father's crew.
Ron Rodgers Ron Rodgers of Surfers Paradise was a "spare bod" WAG with 460 Squadron. He visited Binbrook on two occasions and sent me some photographs.
John Neely John Neely contacted me regarding his uncle, Reg E. Page who flew in F/O Gardiner's crew.


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