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Subject:   Rewriting of a war time diary.
Date:           Fri, 05 Nov 1999 06:49:13 +1030
From:          Arnold Kloeden <arnoldm@iweb.net.au>

Dear Peter,

Having only taken up computing about twelve months ago, I have become intensely interested in your web site. About eight months ago I recovered two lost diaries after over 50 years which had not been sighted in that period of time. A friend of mine persuaded me to write them up which I have done after a great deal of effort and frustration. I have completed three copies of the first diary which are being made ready to be spiral bound. After that is done, a friend of mine will assist me in making a CD-Rom, so my relatives can have a copy of it for their use. This should be completed before the end of the year.

I served with 460 Squadron in the last six months of the war. I am ex 429705, Flight Lieutenant Arnold Mackenze KLOEDEN who first served in the army until 1942 when I enlisted in the RAAF late in 1942.

I shall give you some details so you know what to expect before you get too interested in my effort. It was written basically for my family whose histories have been published in several volumes. My effort was to produce this in context with the history of those two families going back to 1745 and before in Scotland and in Germany for the other family to the middle of the last century.

It traces briefly these families so it opens with about 30 pages of the histories of them with dozens of photographs especially of the six generations in Australia. Then it continues with my first diary with everything that occurred in Europe between late 1943 until October, 1945.

After that, follows about 30-40 pages of my family from 1945 until the end of this year, concluding with an addendum of 30 pages including copies of certificates of discharge, and some pages of historical significance in the earlier European history. Altogether it comprises over 350 pages, but included in this are about 40 pages of the history of 460 Squadron from your web site. As you may see, a lot of it is not relevant to you, or, as you would probably feel, because it contains so much family history as well. The whole project includes numerous maps, personal photos as well as several photos of 460 not on your web site.  

You may be intersted and if so, I shall send you a copy of the Rom if you are, probably before the end of this year, or when it is completed.



I need your help


 Peter Dunn 2015


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