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Subject:    W.A. Burgum
Date:             Mon, 06 Jul 1998 02:19:57 -0900
From:           burgum john <jburgum@bellatlantic.net>

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Dear Mr. Dunn:

I was surfing the recently and in an egocentric moment, ran a search of my own name just to see if anyone had anything good to say about me. This was how I came across your page on 460 Squadron. I strongly suspect that W.A. Burgum is a distant relative of mine. The Burgum surname is quite rare and all the Burgums I have encountered thus far, myself included, can trace their ancestry back to Wales, in and around the Forest of Dean. I've bookmarked your page and am forwarding it to my father. I would greatly appreciate any additional information you might have on W.A. Burgum, including the names and addresses of any surviving family he might have. Thank you very much and I look forward to returning to your page often.

John L. Burgum


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