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From: ntacs@mailhost.world.net (Ian Gibson)

Subject: F/Sgt J.G.Gibson RAAF

Good afternoon

My name is Ian Gibson and I am the second cousin of the late James (known in the family as Geoff) Gibson, who was lost on the night of 18/19 Nov 43 on the opening night of the Battle of Berlin, as some historians call it.

He was captain of DV 341, AR-C2, and the latest info I can find indicates they crashed near Zonigall, about 7kms east of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Appears they were initially buried there, but were re-interred in the Berlin War Cemetery after the War. Geoff was on his first trip as Captain, and only his second "Op", the first having been as second dickey.

If you have any info on Geoff or his crew, I would like to here from you. As well as this address (at work), I am on line at home on "idgeml@topend.com.au" I look forward to hearing from you.


Ian Gibson



Subject:    460 Sqn Photo 1944
Date:            30 May 98
From:           "Ian Gibson" <idgeml@topend.com.au>

Dear Peter

First of all, congratulations on a first class effort with your home page.

My father's cousin, F/Sgt J.G.Gibson, RAAF, was lost on the Berlin raid 18/19 Nov 43, in Lancaster Mk1 DV341 of 460 Squadron. The aircraft was coded AR-C2, and it was his first mission as Captain.

In sourcing information for the family history, I have been in touch with a Mr Jack Waddell, (460 Bomb Aimer, late 1944-45), who sent me, amongst other things, a copy of the Squadron Photo which you have set in 1944. On the back of the copy he sent me, he has marked, and I quote" Taken to commemorate 1st Heavy Bomber Squadron to carry out 6,000 (six thousand individual sorties. Taken Jan or Feb 1945".

Jack joined the squadron on Fri 13th Oct 44, and his last (35th) mission was on 27 Mar 45 to Padesborn.

I have Jack's contact details if you require them, and I thought you might be interested in the inconsistency in the dating of the sqn photo - I don't know who is right!!

Thanks again for your effort with the home page - it's terrific.


Ian Gibson


Crew killed were as follows:-

Gibson J.G. (KIA)
Jones D O (KIA)
Malcolm J D (KIA)
Manning C M (KIA)
Slennett C G (KIA)
Megit R K (KIA)
Spain H S (KIA)

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