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Subject:     Any info about Thomas H. McNeil 405381
Date:              Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:43:49 +1000
From:            James Freeman <>

Dear Peter,

I'm emailing on behalf of my father Flt Lft Edward (Ted) Roy Freeman MBE DFC (408678) who served for 54 operations in 103 (RAF), 463, 467, 99 (RAAF) from May 1941- 1945.

His good friend Thomas McNeil (405381) in 460 Squadron was lost 29 March 1943, however Ted never learned how the crew were lost. He does know that his grave is in Lichtenvorde Nederlands. He also knows that there was a survivor, Jack Stahnistreet, of Bendigo Victoria. Unfortunately Ted doesn't know the Lancaster ID. Any information would be much appreciated.

Jim Freeman
54 Hockings St
Holland Pk 4121


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Subject:     Re: Any info about Thomas H. McNeil 405381
Date:              Sun, 21 Feb 1999 20:12:57 +1000
From:            James Freeman <>

Hi Peter,

Well, I didn't expect such a quick reply - thanks.

Yes, my father was known as "Blue". I showed him your web page on 460 Squadron and he was amazed that such information could be found. As for me I'm glad to see such important historical material, about the experiences of ordinary men doing extraordinary things, making it onto the web. I'd like to see something similar for 463/467 sqd - so that I could get my dad to contribute some of his own amazing stories.

I'll pass on to him your message re: lack of info on Thomas McNeil. He relates a sad tale that McNeil was not meant to be on that plane (due to him facing a disciplinary hearing). Somehow fate intervened and he was on board. One of many tragic stories I suppose.

Thanks again. If you do find out anything (perhaps from other contributors to your Webpage) please let me know.

Jim Freeman.


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