F/Sgt C K Smith
A.W. Teerman and W.A. Burgum
John Francis Worley

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Date:              28 Jan 1998
From:            John and Karen Williams jwilliams@pnc.com.au

Subject:     Photos of 460 members.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your up date on C K Smith. I have got a photo of F/S A W Teerman and John Francis Worley both killed in action, sorry its taken sometime to get back to you but my modem has been U/S. I'll send the photos up by mail.

Regards, John.


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Date:             1 Mar 1998
From:           John and Karen Williams jwilliams@pnc.com.au

Subject:    RE: Your photos

Dear Peter,

I had a look at my e-mail site and the information on the photos is there but no photo. (Whoops!! Now fixed - Peter)

A W Teerman was killed on an attack on Krefeld 21-22/6/43 after one mining raid. If you look at the group photo I sent you (see below - Peter), you will see Teerman in the back row and Burgum in the front row.

Best regards


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Subject:    Honour Roll 460 Sqn
Date:             Sat, 7 Mar 1998
From:           John and Karen Williams <jwilliams@pnc.com.au>

Dear Peter,

When looking through your list of dead you have no date for Sgt J T Sutton, according to my records he was killed on 19/9/42.

I also have a list of 460 people who became POW's and the date they became POW's. I don't have a scanner so I'll have to photocopy it and post it to you if you want it.

Regards John.


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Subject:  RE: Honour Roll 460 Sqn
Date:     Sun, 8 Mar 1998
From:    John and Karen Williams <jwilliams@pnc.com.au>

Dear Peter,

The list was in a book by John Watson which records all the crews from 460 Squadron that took part in bombing raids over Europe. Alex Tod gave me the book but I am not sure where he got it from, there are some errors it at times.

Regards John.


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