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Date:            26 Feb 1998
From:          "Clinton Pender" <>

Subject:   Mr Tony Lee RFC

Dear Peter,

I have looked at your page with great interest as a customer of mine come into the shop each day and tells me of his war days in the RAF and in 460 Squadron.  He said he flew 81 missions in the Lancasters and have relayed his memories to me of some of the missions especially those over Cologne and Stettin. I see from your Roll of Honor that a Flight Sergeant Irving was killed on the 31 Dec 1944 but on the missions list there isn't any mention of a mission on that date.  Mr Lee said that Irving was his Bridge partner and can remember this event quiet vividly.  He also flew with the 142 Squadron at Watton Grimsley. He served in Binbrook, Lincolnshire.  Have you any record of him being there?  If so please contact me with some details.  He told me of one mission to Stettin where before they reached the target, four crews were lost and two of them were pathfinders.  He said that he was in the front formation and took up the role of path finding on that occasion.  He said that he had to come in quiet low almost just over the roof-tops of the houses and struck the main fuel depot of the jetties feeding the U-boats along 14 smaller jetties.   He said that all the fuel lines to each jetty lit up and it was a very successful mission after that.  He said that the fact that he had only bombs on board did not help in path finding as they would usually carry fire to help identify the drop site for the following aircraft.  He was fortunate to hit the fuel site and light up the whole area.

I don't know if this is of any significance to you (It sure is! - Peter) or if you have any record of Mr Lee (I'm afraid not - Peter) I can find out a lot more from him if you would like me to (Yes please - Peter).

Take care & Slan Leat.

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