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Date:              26 Jan 1998
From:            "Manic" <>

Subject:    "G" GEORGE 460 SQN

It is a sad fact of life that our much loved "G for George" is feeling the stress of time. Main spar is bending, plates falling away from under side of wings, rivets popping, number "3" engine is only just hanging.  The sad part for me is that "G George" is to be removed from public display in the next 18 months or so, my only hope is it will not take ten years like they say to carry out the repairs, and will go back on display as a compete aircraft, but at this stage of the game it is not looking good.  Aircraft Hall at the Australian War Memorial is to small ( I WONDER IF POLITICIANS WERE RELICS OF WAR IF MORE MONEY WOULD BE ELOCATED FOR STORAGE SPACE FOR THEM) to take all the aircraft for display, and is about to be remodeled.  I am a volunteer at the AWM and hope to be on the team to dismantle "Big Bird" as I call it when the time comes.  You can get more accurate information from the Curator of aircraft at the AWM.  I am using my sons Email address, but Hope to recieve a reply from you in this matter.

A Lancaster nut - DARYL


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DATE:               9 Feb 1998
FROM:              Daryl Cowley


Dear Peter,

This is the "Lancaster Nut".  Sorry to take so long to get back to you. My name is Daryl Cowley. What is your main interest in Lancs?. I have never seen them fly, but since I was young, no-other aircraft has been able to hook me like the Lanc. Over the years I have collected many movies and books but the one thing I want I can't find, I have been looking for a set of plans to scan, do you have any idea where I can find some. Even working as I do at the AWM's Trelaor Centre I can't find them. I am building a radio controled Lancaster at the moment but my fuselage is wrong, and I would like to make the proper one. If I can, I will get some photo's of "George" to send to you for your home page. bye for now,



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Subject:   Common interest
Date:           Sat, 13 Feb 1999 10:57:13 +1100
From:          "Cowley Family" <>

Gday Peter

I have just relocated your address. Sad to say "G" is no longer on display and will be out for about five years.

Now that I have your post box number I will sent you a some photos when I take them in the next couple of weeks before we pull it to bits, the guns have already been removed. and we are just waiting on the big jacks so as to allow the aircraft to be lowered but if I can, I will send you some internal photos as I get them . Have to go now so will contact you latter.

All the best until next time
Daryl Cowley


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Subject:   "G" George
Date:           Mon, 3 May 1999 20:35:26 +1000
From:          "Cowley Family" <>

Hi Peter,

It's been a while but not a lot has happened until now.

Today they removed the port wing from "G" George for retoration and what a mess, when it was dismantled in the fifties I think they used an axe, but this time it's being done properly by people that at least care about what they do because the last lot sure as hell didn't. All power plants are gone so are wheels ect, the fuz should be dismantled in the next ten day's or so, and then the hard part comes, to fix what time and the 1955 vandals have done.

Gotta go for now but I will get back latter

The Lancaster Nut


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