14/15 Jun 1943 EE167 F/S G R Cope RAAF (KIA)
Sgt E Booth (POW)

F/O H L Gordon RAAF (KIA)
Sgt D Douds RAAF (KIA)
Sgt D B Crouch RAAF (KIA)
Sgt W R Matheson RCAF (POW)

Sgt D S Finlason RAAF (KIA)


Photo:- via Wim Slangen

Believed to be a photo of Sgt Ernest Booth


Wim Slangen is searching for the people who helped Ernest Booth and WR Matheson after their Lancaster EE167 crashed south east of Schinveld NL at 1:11am on 15 June 1943. Wim is researching the loss of 460 Squadron Lancasters JB 607 and EE167. Wim lives about 10kms from the crash site.



Subject:   460 Sqn Picture
Date:           Thu, 14 Sep 2000 11:25:01 +0100
From:           "bertie" <bertie@boothassociates.fsbusiness.co.uk>

My Uncles name was Ernest Booth. He was flying as a spare body on the Oberhausen raid in July '43 when, I believe, 3 aircraft were lost, his original pilot had been promoted (don't know his name). On the afternoon of the raid they flew over my grandad's farm as part of the NFTs, the original pilot would never do this.

There were 2 survivors of the aircraft, I have the names of the rest of the crew, burial / crash location and the name of the pilot who shot them down/time /location.

A Dutch friend has volunteered to help me locate the site if I can get over there.

I will work on a copy pic for you, keep in touch . I have been to Binbrook when there were 15 Lighnings in the air at once, this was fantastic to see & hear.





Subject:   460 Sqn_
Date:           Wed, 4 Oct 2000 23:48:52 +0100
From:          "bertie" <bertie@boothassociates.fsbusiness.co.uk>

Hi Peter

I'm still looking for the Sqn picture but I have the negatives so I will need to get the local camera club to print them as the are an unusual format.

Crash info is as follows:-

Date : 14-15 June 1943

3 aircraft lost from 460 Squadron according to the records (Bomber Command Losses, 1943 by W R Chorley)


Lancaster III DV160 AR-

Sgt R E Crooke +
Sgt J R Morrison RAAF pow
Sgt S J Marriage RAAF +
Sgt C R Buckeridge RAAF +
Sgt C E Grimshaw +
Sgt G W G Fletcher +
Sgt D R Grant RAAF +

Take Off 22.57 Binbrook. Shot down by a night-fighter crashing 02.21 at Schellingwoude (Noord Holland) in the NE subburbs of Amsterdam, where those who died rest in th city's New Eastern Cemetery.


Lancaster III EE167 AR-

F/S G R Cope RAAF +
Sgt E Booth pow (My Uncle)
F/O H L Gordon RAAF +
Sgt D Douds RAAF +
Sgt D B Crouch RAAF +
Sgt W R Matheson RCAF pow
Sgt D S Finlason RAAF +

Take Off 22.35 Binbrook. Shot down by a night-fighter (Hptm Manfred Meurer, I.NJG1) and crashed 01.11 some 2km SE of Shinveld (Limburg), 8km ESE of Sittard, Holland.Those who perished were taken to Venlo, though all now rest in Jonkerbos War Cemetery. In civilian life, F/O Gordon was a qualified Barrister and Solicitor. There is something about an exploding flare in the details of the web site.

My uncle looks to have been in Stalag Luft 6 (his number was 75 which looks odd). I cannot see any mention of Sgt Matheson in the pow list. I understand the family of the rear-gunner visited my uncle after the war ended.


Lancaster III LM324 AR-

F/O W J Dennett RAAF +
Sgt R E Watson +
F/O A C R Flashman RAAF +
Sgt T Williams RAAF +
Sgt E A Bogle +
P/O W E Emery RAAF +
Sgt D P Birk RRAF +

Take Off 22.54 Binbrook. All are burried at Heverlee War Cemetery, having first been laid to rest on 16 June at St-Truiden. Sgt Birk RAAF came from Croyden in New South Wales where his father was the Revd George Philip Birk.

I hope the above is of some use to you, I would very much like to find out the full letters of my uncle's Lancaster. I guess the MoD over here may come up with it if pushed a bit.

I have a copy of the 1943 Bomber Command Losses but there are others in the local Library, I expect you have these is Australia also.

All the best for now




Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Thu, 12 Apr 2001 20:30:02 +0100
From:           "bertie" <bertie@boothassociates.fsbusiness.co.uk>

Hi Peter

I have found my uncles crash site on the map and it is only just in Holland. On the day of the crash they flew over my ganpa's farm but they also (I have just found out) flew over my dad's farm and he and my sister saw them and waved. He sent a card from the POW camp to say 'yes it was me waving' !!

All the best



Can anyone help me with more information?


I need your help


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