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Ted Williamson
took part in 31 Operations in Vic Grimmett's crew


From: Vic Grimmett <>

Subject: photos of 460 squadron

Just happened on your page. Quite interesting considering I have seen my name for the first time on the net. It was under awards (DFC) but unfortunately you have spelled my name with only one "T" The correct spelling is V.C.Grimmett.

What sort of photos do you require? Have several of myself with my crew in front of "K.Killer" and also one of the entire squadron taken in approx August 1944. If you are interested let me know and I will forward them over to you.

Great to see 460 Squadron on the net.

Regards Vic Grimmett 


Photos supplied by Vic Grimmett
on 16 December 1997

460foto.jpg (26995 bytes)

Squadron personnel photographed towards end on 1944.


460foto1.jpg (27406 bytes)

F/O Grimmett's crew:-  Sgt. Carr (Rear Gunner), Sgt. Moore (Engineer), Sgt. Fred Flattery (Navigator) KIA 2/2/45, F/O Grimmett (Pilot), Sgt. Pogson (Bomb Aimer), Sgt. Williamson (Wireless Operator), Sgt. Fenion (Mid Upper Gunner).


460foto2.jpg (27447 bytes)

F/O V.C. Grimmett in K2-Killer.  Vic flew this aircraft on three of its 63 missions, to Kiel, LeHavre, and Frankfurt.


460foto3.jpg (22997 bytes)

No flying today!  Binbrook under snow.  F/O Matthews, F/O Grimmett, Sgt. Williamson, Sgt. Pogson (on ground)



The following is a transcript of Vic Grimmett's letter of 16 December 1997 which was enclosed with the above photos:-


Dear Peter,

I feel a little embarrassed at the moment.  (No need to be Vic - Peter Dunn)

When I received an e-mail from James Ward in Canada, whose father flew, as an engineer, with 460 Squadron, I again visited your site, and it was then I realised I had not sent the photos I promised.

I am now enclosing them and hope they are suitable for you. (They sure are Vic - Many thanks - Peter Dunn)

The Ward story is quite interesting, as when I researched the squadron, found that his pilot was a Keith Finlay who was a South Australian and well known to me.   He died many years ago.

Also a replacement navigator for three missions also flew with me on one mission, and a replacement gunner, also flew with me on one trip.

Keith Finlay's aircraft was hit by falling incendiaries on his second mission over Cologne on 31/10/44, and the wireless operator was killed and the mid-upper gunner injured.  Ward did not miss one trip and completed the necessary 30 missions.

Keep up the good work on 460, it is a great site.


Vic Grimmett
460 Squadron August 44/January 45



Subject: Re: My photos 460 Squadron
Date:     Fri, 26 Dec 1997
From:    Vic Grimmett < >

Hello Peter,

Have just read your two E-mails, and the answer to your question re return of photos is 'No', they are copies.

Unfortunately I can not locate the photos in question. The E.Mail page shows the sight has been updated but it still only contains my letter.

Your 'try' to highlight changes is I would say successful, the red standing out very well.

Have read the letter re O'Donoghue, very interesting, one of the pilots mentioned Arthur Hubbard was C.O. of the squadron when it was formed, and was a president of S.A.460 association. He died several years ago.

Must agree with other sentiments expressed in e-mails, that the site is a credit to you.

Tell me how did you become involved in starting this site?

Hope eventually I will see the photos I sent on the net,

Kindest regards,

Vic Grimmett



Subject:  Re: Photos
Date:             Sat, 27 Dec 1997
From:           Vic Grimmett


Have now seen the photos on your SITE (noticed in my e-mail letter I spelt it 'sight') and if you made a boo-boo in entering them you certainly didn't in scanning them. They look great. Congratulations.

Would still love to know how you became involved in doing this for 460 Squadron. All members would be very appreciated of your efforts, I can assure you.

My father was the late Clarrie Grimmett, the test cricketer, and someone has taken the trouble to put all his bowling and batting statistics on the net.

Once again congratulations on your excellent site,

Kindest regards,
Vic Grimmett


Subject:   Re: 460 Squadron
Date:       Mon, 29 Dec 1997
From:      Vic Grimmett

Hi Peter,

Thank you for answering my question as to how you became involved in the 460 site.

Jan (Goulevitch) certainly played his part during the war, and you should be very proud.

Have told several of my 460 mates about your site, which, as I have said previously, is a great place to visit.

Keep up the good work, will be in touch if I get info or other photos re the squadron.


Vic Grimmett



Subject:   Re: Photos arrived
Date:           Thu, 22 Jan 1998
From:          Vic Grimmett (

Hello Peter,

I have praised you before, but no superlative could do justice to your latest effort. IT IS BRILLIANT. And it does not take very long to enlarge. You must be a real computer genius to put such a display on the 460 site.

I only enlarged the right hand panel and saw the result loud and clear. You can recognise everyone pictured. If you start at the right hand side of the men standing (third row) and go inwards 3 you see my navigator Fred Flattery who was killed and go a further 10 (13 in all) you will find me. right above the 5th person squatting in the front.

460 Squadron is having its national reunion in Melbourne at the end of March and I will certainly make known your efforts in regards to the 460 Squadron site.

Once again congratulations from a very appreciative former 460 Squadron member.

Vic Grimmett



Subject:  Re: Photos on web
Date:          Fri, 23 Jan 1998
From:         Vic Grimmett (

Hello Peter,

Looks like you are a person like myself.  Near enough is not good enough.

What you did with the squadron photograph impressed me very much, and I know the trouble one has to go to sometimes to achieve the effect one wants.  Your determination certainly paid off.  When I mentioned where I was in the photo it was only to show how clearly you could see the persons, it was not a suggestion to name the persons.

It would be a very difficult task, or more to the point, IMPOSSIBLE to name everyone in the photo.  At 460's last reunion in Adelaide in 1996, someone had a large print of an old course photograph, and was trying to get the names of all in it, but he was not having much success.

Memories of the squadron are always with one and to log onto your site and see the various items you are putting up on screen continues to fascinate me.

Keep up the good work,


Vic Grimmett



Date:              27 Jan 1998
From:            Vic Grimmett

Subject:     Re: 460 Squadron Home Page

Hi Peter,

Once again, all I can say is great effort.   The 1943 squadron photo when enlarged is quite good considering the print was not sharp.  A lot of the bods shown could be recognised by anyone who knew them, I feel sure.

Your treatment of the bombing and interest mission photos was great.


Vic Grimmett



Subject:     Update of 1943 Squadron Photo
Date:              Mon, 06 Apr 1998
From:            Vic Grimmett <>

Hi Peter,

Have just returned from 460 Squadron reunion in Melbourne, where I spoke about your great site, and I can assure you I got many an ex 460 bod interested.

As a matter of fact another ex 460 bod has put up another site. Also the national newsletters are advising members of your web address.

The purpose of this E-mail is to say I have managed to get an original of the 1943 squadron photo which I sent to you, which as you know was not qqite sharp. If you would like to take out the old photo and replace with this good print, let me know and I will send it over to you.

Cheers for now,

Vic Grimmett



Subject:    Re: Receipt of photo,
Date:             Wed, 29 Apr 1998
From:           Vic Grimmett <>

Thank you Peter the photo arrived in good shape. I have logged on to the 460 site and found the new photo is a big improvement although it is not as sharp as the one taken in 1944, and as you know they were both originals.





Subject:   Providing a link to Homepage
Date:           Thu, 07 Jan 1999 14:38:17 +1030
From:          Vic Grimmett <>

Hello Peter. Long time, no write.

After a couple of lessons and getting a very easy program to use, I now have a syte on the web. In it I discuss various aspects of my life including my flying days. In this section I have provided a link to your page, so wondered if you could do the same and provide one on the page where you show my crew etc. It would give people something else to peruse.

My address is

Still get E-mails from people visiting your site.

Vic Grimmett



Subject:    Web Page
Date:             Sat, 09 Jan 1999 12:56:45 +1000
From:           Vic Grimmett <>

Nice to know you were at last able to log on to my web page.

Yes Peter I did it my self. Took a course with the WEA on How to make your own web Page last year, but managed to get a program called Hot Dog Express which Woolworths were selling for $20 previous price $395!!!!!!

Works very well when you get the hang of it.

Have upgraded my page on flying because I left off a little last time. See what you think. Also one does not hit on BINBROOK now but 460 SQUADRON.

Thanks for your kind remarks.





Subject:     G for George
Date:              Sat, 20 Mar 1999 15:26:15 +1030
From:            Vic Grimmett <>

Hi Peter,

Have just returned from Canberra where 86, former members of 460 Squadron and their partners, attended a dedication service of a plaque to honour all those who served on the Squadron during 1941/45. It is situated in the AWM Gardens alongside the AWM.

Luckily the curator of the aircraft gallery, hearing of our visit, put back the time when George would be taken away for restoration, a five year task.

Seeing the Lancaster after over 50 years was quite an experience, as I had forgotten the size and height of this great old warplane. Climbed aboard, but have to admit it took longer to climb over the centre mainframe, in fact I had to get someone to lift my leg over.

Saw the board with the names of all the pilots including Jan's.

Was told the new building which will be erected to house all the aircraft will be a much better site and of course G for George will as before be the main attraction.

Noticed you have put a link to my web page.  Thanks very much.

Hope you are well


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