Subject:   Bomb Sight
Date:           Fri, 26 Dec 1997
From:          "Robert Ward" <bobw@zx.net>

My father was stationed at RAF Mamby during WW2 and still resides in England. When he heard of "G" for George, he was curious to know which bomb sight is fitted to her. If you can let us know (he believes it would be either the mark IV or the SABS) he should be able to supply you with some interesting details. Weapons training and development was carried out at Mamby and Dad's speciality was bomb sights.

Regards and best wishes for Christmas and 1998

Bob Ward



Subject:  RE: Bomb Sight
Date:          Fri, 2 Jan 1998
From:         "Robert Ward" (bobw@zx.net)

Many thanks for your reply, regrettably we do not know of Thomas or James Ward.

I have passed your mail back to the UK but the people they can ask are getting fewer all the time. If I do hear of anything I'll certainly let you know.

Meanwhile, thanks for your newsletter.

Regards and best wishes

Bob Ward


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