From: Robert Jarvis <robjar@werple.net.au>

Date: 12 June 1997

Subject: 460 Squadron

Hello Peter,

As you can see, my name is Robert Jarvis. I live in Melbourne. I am researching the life of my deceased uncle James Lowrey Forrest, killed in action April 9, 1943. I have a couple of pictures of 460 Squadron personnel, with the entire group standing on and around a Lancaster. I would be very interested to talk to anyone who knew my uncle, as he died 10 years before I was born.

I am also interested in the aircraft itself and would love to talk to anyone who served in 460 Squadron or other Lancaster squadrons.

Keep up the good work. It was great to find your page.

Best Regards


Robert Jarvis


The crew of Lancaster ED521 (AR-B) of 460 Squadron RAAF, were all killed on 9/10 Apr 1943 during an Operation over Duisburg. Those killed were:-

McDonald D.I. (KIA)
Meadows A K (KIA)
Forrest J L (KIA)
Dodgshun J (KIA)
Jones W F (KIA)
Allsop W F (KIA)
Hoofe M (KIA)


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