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Have just visited your 460 Squadron and Lancaster G for George sites. My grandfather Michael D.D. "Don" Delaney, MID, flew with 460 Squadron Pathfinders during WW2 as aircrew for "Q" Queenie. He passed away in October 1993 however I'm sure my father would love to swap some stories with you. Perhaps my grandfather could even feature in the 460 Squadron "characters" section?   Email me with what you need and I can have my father contact you.

Best regards

Catherine Ross (nee Delaney)



I received the following letter from Catherine's father Don Delaney on 16 March 2000:-


Dear Peter,

A booklet in my possession from the Australian War Museum ISBN 0 9081 44253 show s a photograph of your father-in-law (Jan Goulevitch) and also gives many details of "G" for George and its operations in 460 Squadron.

My father, the late Flight Lieutenant M.D. Delaney enlisted in the RAAF in September 1939 and was posted to 460 Squadron at Kimbolton Northamptonshire in December 1941. 460 Squadron was posted to Breighton in January 1942 under W/C Arthur Hubbard DFC.

Dad's hut was called "Oz House" and their senior sergeant was Harry Tickle of "G" for George fame.

In July 1942 volunteers for flight engineers on four engine aircraft were called for. Dad was one of the first four selected.

On 28 November 1942, 460 Squadron operated Lancasters to Turin, Italy. Dad's captain on this and subsequent raids was Squadron Leader Dilworth who was later promoted to Wing Commander and C.O. of 460 Squadron.

In January 1943 Dad volunteered for Pathfinder Force and was posted to 156 Squadron where he later became flight engineer leader.

Hit over Berlin they were blown from 18,000 feet to 14,000 feet before finally regaining control at 3,000 feet over Berlin going up as quickly as they had come down.

Although advised that they were to be posted home to Australia flying a Lancaster they were informed that three more trips would have to be flown.

On 5th April 1943 commissioned as a Pilot Officer Dad was posted to A.V. Roe's plant at Woodford, there seeing their designated Lancaster (ED 930) come off the assembly lines at the same time meeting the managing director of A.V. Roe and Roy Chadwick, the designer of the Lancaster.

After fit-outs, air test etc QUEENIE VI set out from Prestwick on the 22nd May 1943 via Montreal, Ottowa, San Francisco, Hawaii, Canton Island, to Amberley Base Queensland and then Mascot (Sydney).

A War Loan tour of New Zealand was conducted where a 5,000,000 pound War Loan was reportedly oversubscribed.

On 14 April 1944, the 1st Victory Loan Tour of Queensland and NSW was conducted, from June to October 1944. Dad was posted to "Test and Ferry". On 5th October, the 4th Liberty Loan Tour of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW began. It ended when a wind shift caused a crash landing at Evans Head.

Dad became involved in supervising the major repair job that followed.

Because "G" for George could not arrived in time for the Second Liberty Loan Tour, Queenie was substituted; this tour from 14th October raised 250,000 pounds. Dad was transferred along with Queenie VI to East Sale to assist in training Qantas Pilots ready for the entry of Lancastrians.

Dad was the posted to the Duke of Gloucester's flight (the then Governor-General of Australia) and as flight engineer flew with him to all parts of Australia, then transporting him to the United Kingdom.

On demobilisation from the RAAF in 1948, Dad joined various airlines and in 1965 was asked to join a crew flying Lancaster NX611 from Mascot to Biggin Hill thus becoming the only flight engineer to circumnavigate the world in a Lancaster.

I have endeavoured to highlight details of Dad's career without belabouring any details. Should you wish to ask for any further information, I will help as much as I can.

Don Delaney



Lancaster "Q" for Queenie flies
under the Sydney Harbour bridge

with "Don Delaney" on board


Crash landing of "Q" for Queenie
at Evans Head in NSW
on 26 October 1944


"Pathfinder - The Peter Isaacson Story"
"In the Air-On the Ground"
By Denis Warner


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