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James Emery told me that Arthur Emery was the younger brother of Alexander Emery. According to Alexander, Arthur enlisted at age 18 years and became a navigator (not a tail gunner). James Emery's father has Arthur's actual flight log that ends on the 33rd mission in 1945 so he was just about to complete his campaign which is tragic. 

Alexander said that Arthur's Lancaster PB567 was shot down, but he managed to escape but was shot near a border.

James Emery has the actual flight manual that Arthur used to learn about navigation and other flight data.



Australian Genealogy Echo (FidoNet)

From: Ivan Dominikovich
Date: 5 January 1997

Subj: 460 Squadron - RAAF

Greetings Peter.

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PD> Subject: 460 Squadron - RAAF - Part 1

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My wife's sister has a connection to the 460 Squadron, her husband John Emery had a brother who served and died in this unit. I wonder if you have any more details.

Pilot/Officer Arthur Francis Emery. D.F.C. b 29 Dec 1925.
Shot down over Europe. 31 Oct 1944.
Buried in a Military Cemetery.

The family has a photo the grave, but little else. Arthur's sister is living in Mentone Melbourne and is the only one of her family left.

Regards Ivan.



Australian Genealogy Echo (FidoNet)

From: Ivan Dominikovich
Date: 14 January 1997

Subj: 460 Squadron - RAAF

Greetings Peter.

Thanks for your reply. As far as I am aware Arthur Emery enlisted in New Zealand and is recorded in the N.Z. records. I am reasonably sure he was born in Victoria, perhaps at Stanhope, and moved to N.Z. with his parents. I know he trained in Canada, and believe he was a Tail Gunner (he was a Navigator).

I will ask his sister.......

I will get back to you shortly.

Regards Ivan.



I'd like to than James Emery for his assistance with this home page.

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