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"Australia @ War" USB Memory Stick

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“WWII Historians have stated that "Australia @ War" is a better source for covering WWII Military activities on the Home Front than the Official Histories.”

Topics covered

Military Aircraft Crashes, Military Airfields. Military Units, Military Camps, Military Locations, POW Camps, Internment Camps, Command Structure Rank and Military Structure, Allied Signal Intelligence Units, Secret Units, Japanese Intelligence Units, Axis Power Intelligence Units, RAAF, RAF, USAAF, Netherland East Indies Air Force, Australian Army, US Army, Royal Australian Navy, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Civilian War Effort, Women @ War, Aboriginals and Islanders defending Australia, African American Units, Canadian Military Units, Japanese Navy Air Force, Japanese Air Raids, Japanese Submarine Attacks, Japanese Reconnaissance Flight, German Maritime Activities, Australian Waters Mined by Japanese and Germany, Chemical Warfare, The Brisbane Line, Friendly Fire, Hotels Frequented by Military, Altercations, Riots, Crimes, Accidents, The Secret War, Bunkers, Tunnels, Fortifications, "Dumped, Buried, Burnt or saved", Residences and Buildings commandeered by Military, Schools @ War, Archerfield @ War, Archerfield Quarry, Bulimba @ War, Rockhampton @ War, Sunshine Coast @ War, The Redlands @ War, Townsville @ War, Celebrities @ War, Jack Heyn in the Southwest Pacific, Historical WWII Sites under Threat, Flying under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, WW2 Warbirds, Military Museums, Military Books and CD-Roms, Elsa Aircraft Recognition Card, Military Abbreviations and Terminology, Military Vehicles, Aussie Slang

460 Squadron RAAF, "G" for George, Lincoln Tales, Old 113, Do you believe in Gremlins, A Messerschmitt and a Blackbird on a Tree, Move over Red Baron, My Friend George the Stuka Pilot

Avalon Air Show, Caboolture '99 Air Spectacular, A Date with Juliet, Some old Airline Tickets and a Flight Log



The "Australia @ War" USB contains:-

 My "Australia @ War" web site
(well over 6,000 web pages - over 1.6 Gbytes of data)


(Bonus value of over $45)

Receive a copy of my
"WWII Self Help Research Tool for Australian Military Records"

at no extra cost

But wait, there's more!
you will also receive copies of
my seven published e-Books
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The "Australia @ War" USB will amaze you with the amount of historical information and rare photographs regarding military activities in Australia during WWII.

  • Learn about your relative's military role in Australia during WWII

  • Discover the unknown history of Allied Military Units in Australia during WWII

  • Find out about long forgotten places such as military airfields, camps, bunkers etc in Australia during WWII

  • Learn about events such as the Japanese bombing raids and submarine attacks in Australian waters

  • You will be amazed at the number of military aircraft crashes in Australia during WWII

  • View numerous never-before-seen photographs from WWII


If you tell me what your area of interest is, I may be able to add some more information to the "Australia @ War" USB for you.


"Australia @ War" USB


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Hi Peter.
Got your "Australia @ War" today. Absolutely brilliant, including the Bonus extras.
John Duffy


Hi Peter

Received the USB stick and additional info. I must say that the whole package is absolutely awesome. This will definitely help me in my research and adventures.

Thanks you
James Lack


Peter Dunn's


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