Subject:    R. M Hetherington
Date:             Mon, 6 Nov 2000 21:51:54 -0000
From:           Mark Huckerby <>

Dear Peter,

My name is Mark Huckerby. My girlfriend's grandfather is 403242 Robert Marshall Hetherington, DFC, CBE who flew with the squadron from 1941- 1944. I have his log book (and have found some interesting information on your site using it) and will soon be photocopying it. Mr. Hetherington later became Labour Minister for Hong Kong. He'll be marching at the Cenotaph this Remeberance Day- I wonder if there will be any other members of the squadron there.

Anyway- you run fine site and keep up the good work.

All the best,

Mark Huckerby



Subject:    R. M. Hetherington
Date:             Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:56:48 -0000
From:           Mark Huckerby <>

Dear Peter,

Here's a bit more imformation about Robert Hetherington. He was a navigator (forgot to mention that!). He was born in England but joined up in Australia. I printed off the History of 460 Squadron from your web site and showed it to him yesterday. He was very touched. As you can imagine his stories are incredible and he recognised a few of the names from your web site. I plan to record some conversations with him - maybe you'd like transcripts of them? Anyway, I don't know if this is of any interest but here's a list of his operations from the log book.

Trained from April-1941- April1942 flying Ansons and Battles: Cootamundra, Evans Head, Parkes, Millom, Lichfield, Tattenhill.


30.05.42/ Cologne


BREIGHTON 460 Squadron R.A.A.F


29.6.42/ St. Nazaire
3.07.42/ Bremen
6.07.42 St. Nazaire
8.97.42 Duisburg
26.07.42 Air sea Rescue
31.07.42 Dusseldorf
4.8.42 St. Nazaire
10.08.42 Osnabruck
11.08.42 Mainz
12.08.42 Mainz


22.11.42 Stuttgart
28.11.42 Turin
8.12.42 Kattegat
4.01.43 Essen
9.01.43 Essen
11.01.43 Essen
23.01.43 Dusseldorf
11.02.43 Wilhelmshaven
13.02.43 Lorient
21.02.43 Bremen
26.02.43 Cologne
1.03.43 Berlin
3.03.43 Hamburg
5.0343 Essen
8.03.43 Nurnberg
9.03.43 Munich
12.03.43 Essen
26.03.43 Duisburg
29.03.43 Berlin
03.04.43 Essen
04.04.43 Kiel
09.04.43 Duisberg "After landing discovered 4000 lbs. had hung up."
10.04.43 Frankfurt


Can anyone help me with more information?


I need your help


 Peter Dunn 2015


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