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Subject:     460 Squadron photos
Date:              Mon, 21 May 2001 13:12:49 +1000
From:            "Sally Kinghorn" <>

Hello - my name is Sally Kinghorn and my father was John Francis Kinghorn (WO 418281). Dad was a rear gunner with the 460 Squadron. Attached please find 9 photographs and also a jpg file of dad taken about four years before he died (2.12.97). I thought they maybe of interest to you.




One operation with J.K. Douglas

D13 Douglas J K - 1944                                                6 Ops
(P2)s 18/7/44 Reid E F,30/6/44 Jarrett G T,14/8/44 Spier(NC).
   3/8/44 Hit by groundfire.
(E) Bardon A T
(B) Paton H M
(N) Rob W D
(W) Edmonds J S
(G) Kinghorn J F
(G) Statham R C

Two operations with L. Petney

Petney L - 1944 -                                                29 Ops
(P2) 21/5/44 Tomlinson R,18/3/44 Lloyd N D.
28/1/44 Aircraft flipped over by slipstream of another Lancaster.
(E) Wood M
(B) Mildred A J
(N) King A G
(W) Falconer D M
(G) Statham R C
(G) Kinghorn J F


27 Operations with R. Tomlinson

T08 Tomlinson R-1944-                                      (See P10) 30 Ops
(P2)s 4/7/44 Carr R L, 12/7/44 Murray J K, 18/7/44 Lester P L.
   19/6/44 Beat off attack by Me110.
(E) Brown A W      Brown A W
(B) Paton H M      Paton H M
(N) Rob W D        Rob W D
(W) Edmonds J S    Dillon J M
(G) Statham R C    Statham R C
(G) Kinghorn J F   Kinghorn J F
          23Opns         4 Opns


kh01.jpg (27929 bytes) Rear L to R: Roy Tomlinson (Skipper), "His Lordship" John Kinghorn (Rear Gunner)

Front L to R: Jack Edmonds (Wireless Operator), Wally Rob (Navigator), Herb Paton (Bomb-Aimer Front Gunner)

kh02.jpg (18782 bytes) Curly Wishart

(Binbrook, May - September 1944)

kh03.jpg (14838 bytes) Tail End Charlie J2

(Binbrook, May - September 1944)

kh04.jpg (18778 bytes) Ray - our mid-upper gunner

(Binbrook, May - September 1944)

kh05.jpg (12811 bytes) Average Bomb Load

(Binbrook, May - September 1944)

kh06.jpg (13836 bytes) J2 and her full score

(Binbrook, May - September 1944)

kh07.jpg (61671 bytes) "C" Flight 460 Squadron, Binbrook

"Only Birds and Fools fly, and the Birds don't"

kh08.jpg (95809 bytes) "C" Flight 460 Squadron, Binbrook, Lincolnshire, England

"Fly at night" - Shakespeare wrote the first half

kh09.jpg (79715 bytes) Ligescourt - V1 Launching base bombed
kh10.jpg (28053 bytes) George, Curly, Jock, Bert - Our Ground Crew
kh11.jpg (28086 bytes) At Binbrook, Lincolnshire
kh12.jpg (31271 bytes) John Kinghorn
kh13.jpg (24375 bytes) John Kinghorn
kh14.jpg (41680 bytes) John Kinghorn 2 December 1997
kh15.jpg (23136 bytes) Tomlinson's Circus at Sandtoft

L to R: John Kinghorn (rear gunner, Byaduk, Vic), Jack Edmonds (Wireless Operator, Sydney), Arthur Brown (Skipper, Chinchilla, Qld), Wally Rob (Navigator, Northampton, WA), Ray Statham (Mid gunner, Manchester, England), Herb Paton (bomb-aimer, Launceston, Tas)

kh16.jpg (44884 bytes) L to R: Arthur Brown, Ray Statham, Jack Edmonds, John Kinghorn


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