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Subject:     460SQN
Date:              Sat, 26 Dec 1998 17:39:18 +1000
From:            Dave Holmes <>

I have just had a quick look at your web page on 460SQN RAAF. A few months ago I came across another page on 460 by Gordon Stooke ( It was very similar in content and very interesting just as yours is.

I know a bloke who was with 460 SQN from 30 Apr 45 - 18 Jul 45, 437173 FLG OFF Thompson J L (pilot) and like many who were there he has some interesting stories.

Keep up the good work


Dave Holmes



Subject:   460 Squadron
Date:           Sun, 09 May 1999 16:49:29 +0900
From:          Dave Holmes <>


I don't know if you read the Womans Weekly but there was somebody looking for a J L Thomson the service no. etc matches the bloke I know from 460SQN.

Anyway his daughter contacted him about it and the Womans Weekly is going to do a story about it it seems that some of his crew are still alive and they will get them all together.

So keep a look out for the Womans Weekly I will be.


Dave Holmes



Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Sun, 30 Apr 2000 20:46:03 +0900
From:           Dave Holmes <>

>Gidday Dave,
>Did the story ever appear in the Womans Weekly?

G'day Peter,

I must apologise, the answer is no.

It seems that the story was a bit embellished by the time it got to me, but John Thomson is still alive and kicking (he just turned 77 ) and he has been in contact with the member of his crew who put the letter in the Womans Weekly.

John tells me that there are still 4 members from his crew still alive and scattered around Australia.

I have attached some info to add to your MILITARY AIRCRAFT CRASHES AUSTRALIA DURING WW2 YEARS pages. I hope you can read MS WORD.doc files.

The information was taken from the book A'OSIS AIRFIELD Researched and published by Ron Telford, Mount Gambier ISBN 0-646-35143-5, First published 1997

page 108
Record of 2 AOS Aircraft Crashes and Forced Landings 1941-45

Also on your SA crashes page the crash 14 Oct 42 5 miles west of Tantanoola
RAAF Avro Anson AY849
This a/c may have been AW849 which was allocated to 2AOS in Dec41.

There was also an a/c crashed in the Benara area 12km sw of Mt Gambier it is beleived to be an Airacobra, the pilot parachuted to safety only to be captured by a local farmer who thought that it must be a Jap, the cockpit door complete with pilot logbook was found by a friend's father but later returned. There is no record of this in the A'OSIS book

Well this certainly wasn't the way I was going to spend my Sunday, we have just come home from holidays, but I have enjoyed scrounging through the small amount of information I have and looking at some of your pages that I hadn't seen before. Keep up the good work!

Dave Holmes


Anson W1966 crashed result mid air collision Mt Gambier, 3 crew killed 12-7-41  
Anson W2020 landed damaged condition, mid air collision Mt Gambier. No injuries 12-7-41  
DH-84 A34-7 Damaged in forced landing Casterton VIC, engine trouble, no injuries 14-10-41  
Anson W2020 Crashed Mt Cole, Ararat, Vic

Crew of 5 killed

20-5-42 This may be the a/c you have on your vic crashes for 21 may 42
Anson AW678 Crashed Reedy Creek near Kingston SE

crew of 5 killed

11-8-42 there are 2 Kingstons in SA this one is on the coast
Anson ? crashed Nhill Vic crew of 5 killed 20-5-43  
Anson ? Forced landing Naracoorte, SA.

Crew escaped

Anson AX250 Forced landing Bendigo, Vic. Due to temporary jamming of controls. Crew escaped 5-7-43  
Anson ? Force landing Naracoorte,SA. Mid air collision. Crew escaped 20-8-43  
Anson ? Force landing Naracoorte,SA. Mid air collision. Crew escaped 20-8-43  
Anson AX642 Ex laverton forced landing near D/F station 2AOS. Engine trouble 29-1-44  
Anson AW878 Cashed Pt Fairy, Vic. 4 crew missing believed killed 15-2-44 I think it crashed on Lady Julia Percy Island near Pt Fairy
Anson W2486 Forced landing Naracoorte, SA.crew not injured 6-9-44  
Anson MG851 Crashed 28km NW of Casterton,Vic. Crew landed safely after abandoning aircraft. 15-11-44  
Anson W1917 Force landed Ondit, near Colac Vic

crew escaped uninjured.

Anson MG727 Collided with telegraph wires near Wail, Vic. Landed safely at 2AOS with minor damage. 31-1-45  
Beaufort A9-305 Ex Laverton crashed near Puralka Vic. 3 crew Killed. 27-8-45  
Anson MH166 Force landed Hamilton,Vic. Repaired returned to 2AOS 6-9-45  
Anson R9886 Force landed Balmoral, Vic. Engine trouble, repaired, returned to 2AOS 26-12-45  


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