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Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Fri, 2 Jul 1999 09:27:48 +0100
From:           "WALTER SLEIGHT" <>

Hello Peter Dunn,

I'm asking rather than giving information. I live in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, which I am sure your aware is within 10 miles of Binbrook. My father's sister Pam married Peter Butler-Yates who was a pilot with the squadron at this airbase. After the war they settled in Sydney. Sadly Peter died a little over a year ago. I now have his daughter Penny here on a visit. Now I come to my question, if you can help. I did a little research on your Website some months ago and found a list of aircrew. To my delight there was Peter and a list of his crew members, I noted he flew 30 missions in his own aircraft plus one other in a different one. I made a hard copy but cannot find it, nor can I find the relevant pages again. Can you please help?

If there is anything I can assist you with from her, please let me no. Where all very proud of the Squadron. Sadly Binbrook closed as a base and is now sadly neglected although in use for light industry.

Walter Sleight



Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Sat, 3 Jul 1999 19:50:14 +0100
From:           "WALTER SLEIGHT" <>

Hello again Peter,

Thanks for the quick response to my query. Now I think of it Peter was listed as just P. Yeats. He was a pilot officer at Binbrook during 1943.

I'll ask if Penny knows the ID of his aircraft. I spoke with her yesterday, it appears that he kept his log books. He remarried and the documents are in the keeping of his second wife Margaret. I don't know how many log books are still in circulation but these may be of some historical importance as well as personal.

There is a nice little story of Peter, who was courting Pam at the time. She was living with her mother in Cleethorpes on the east coast of England. Apparently when he returned from a mission he would fly over the house and dip his wings, as a signal he had returned safely.

Regards Walter Sleight


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