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Date:           Sun, 20 Oct 2002 08:22:17 EDT

Dear Sir

On the off chance I entered my uncles squadron number and came up with a mass of information. Sadly he died some 4 years ago his wife still survives but is not in good health.

By chance I have his flight log book if it can be of any help, I would be glad to send you a copy.

Reading through the log book I see he flew with FLO Gardiner do you know if he survived the war?


John Neely



Subject:  RE Page
Date:          Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:40:04 EDT

Hi Pete

Sorry for the quick line I should have been more specific, the details are as follows:-

His name was Reg E Page
Squadron 460

His log book states he flew as engineer with 1662 C U Blyton starting 17/7/43 with FLO Gardiner on Halifax's till 21/7/43, I assume by the write up it was a training school. Then in Lancasters from 29/7/43 till 21/8/43.

Transferred to 460 Squadron 22/7/43 with FO Gardiner (who has some flying record) still as an engineer. Almost every flight that he carries out from the above date until 26/3/1944 is with FO now FL Gardiner. He then transfers to 1667 CU Sandtoft on 31/3/44 to train on Halifax's again (I thought these were an older plane than the Lancaster)? Anyway he then joins PNTU Warboys on the 29/9/44for a day the joins 156 Squadron PFF at Upwood until 17/2/1945.

On the last page is written No4 STT then under is St Athen 5/5/43 to 4/7/43 No 1662 6N Unit Blyton 5/7/43 to 19/8/43 No 460 Binbrook No 1667 Con Unit Standtoft. It was a shame that he would never ever talk about his experiences in the RAF. I would have been very interested to hear his views and you only get to know a person by their friends, so if Mr Gardiner is contactable I would at least like to contact him.

The pictures I have may well be of 156 Squadron but I think not, as my mum, his sister told me the first they knew he was flying over Germany was when they saw his picture in the News Paper of which I have the original which must have a date on it. Which at a guess must have been published a week later for security reasons.

That's about it for now it would be interesting to find out who the others in the pictures are. I was at Kirby some years ago home of one of the few flying Lancasters, when I picked up a book with these pictures in it but they were very bad copies.

Thanks for your time.


John Neely



Subject:  Flight Engineer R Page
Date:          Thu, 7 Nov 2002 08:24:42 EST

Thanks for your reply, have not been in touch due to a spell in hospital for appendicitis.

I have attached to this email the scanned in photos which have been handed down through the family and think are a bit of history.

5 are jpeg files and 3 are copies done in Microsoft office format, so really only 5 pictures in total.

The 3 pictures of the flight crew are copies of the originals which I have, these were taken by the press at the time.

You will also find a copy of the paper the picture was issued in dated Sunday the 5th of March 1944. My mother informs me that this was the first time that she found out he was flying over Germany which came as a shock to the whole family. Looking into my Uncles Log Book the closest flight to that date was the 20/2/1944 to Stuttgart.

Looking at picture No1 my uncle is the 2nd from the left.

I wonder if any of the crew can be identified in particular Mr Gardiner as they are very good photos.

I do have the original log book which can also be copied if required.


John Neely

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Can anyone help me with more information?


I need your help


 Peter Dunn 2015


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