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Subject:     460 Squadron
Date:              Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:41:58 +1000
From:            "Dick Goldring" <>

Hi! Peter Dunn,

I have visited your site frequently and found it most interesting. I completed a tour of ops. with 463 Squadron based at Waddington and knew several members of 460 Squadron. John Treloar and Denis Richens [flew together and were killed on 23/10/44] went to school in Tamworth, as did I. W/C Keith Douglas was another Tamworth High School ex-student. Keith did his first tour with 103 Squadron and the first 6 trips of a second tour with 460 Squadron. He was posted to and took command of 467 Squadron at Waddington on 19/10/44 and went missing on his 4th op. on 8/2/45. Allan Matthews DFC an old friend of mine, also 460. Allan and I worked together in the Bank of NSW before enlisting. I see him in the Sydney Anzac Day March each year [463/467 march behind 460]. I regularly see him at our Westpac Retired Officers' luncheons. 463/467 Squadrons Association hold a National Reunion every second year in a different state. The next Reunion [the 12th] is being held in Perth from Sept.20 to Sept.24 next and I believe there are about 300 registrations. Members and wives are coming from all states as well as UK, South Africa and New Zealand. It is great to see the boys again, although our numbers are thinning.

Doug Bell, who you have heard from, is a friend of mine. We are both members of Cronulla Golf Club.

Regards - and keep that site going.

Dick Goldring


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Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Mon, 27 Sep 1999 15:29:30 +0930
From:            "A.E.Williamson" <>

To:                <>

Dear Dick,

Re your letter to Peter Dunn about Richens & Treloar. My diary says that their aircraft iced up over The Wash, U.K. on the way back from bombing Essen. Vic Grimmet's crew including yours truly were to fly members of 460 Squadron to Cambridge to attend Richen's and his crew's funeral. We were in our battledress whilst those attending the funeral were in their dress blues. However whilst embarking we were notified that ops. were on and all the other members had to disembark and our crew was told to go to Cambridge and represent the Squadron -- in our battledress! After the funeral we were taken to have lunch at Jesus College -- I'm afraid that I don't remember much more.

Regards, Ted Williamson


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