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Date:              28 Feb 1998
From:    (Louis Micklefield)

Subject:    Sgt. G.R. Micklefield "460 Squadron.

Dear Mr. Peter Dunn,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on the details and layout of your website on 460 Squadron.

I have enjoyed visiting the site many times and at this very moment is printing out all of the pages you have developed for two reasons:

The first is for myself because I had an uncle (Sgt.George R. Micklefield) that flew with the Squadron and the second is for my Father - his brother.

My father (Bernard B. Micklefield) who lives in a small town - Brightlingsea, near Colchester, Essex, England does not have computer knowledge nor internet access.

Dad talked many times of his brother that fought in the second world war, especially when he served with No. 460 Squadron.

When I told him the news of your website he was very excited. But as I live in the U.S.A now, I can only share his excitement and enthusiasm by phone and the pages I am printing for him now.

Sgt. George R. Micklefield was born in Boreham, near Chelmsford, Essex, England. His nickname was "Dump" as he enjoyed dumplings so much with his roast dinners.

From my Father's understanding and knowledge he served with three Squadrons before being transferred to No. 460 Squadron.

Squadron No      Location               Time Period
82                        Faldinworth            1941
100                      Ludford Magna       1943
106                      ????                      ??
460                      Binbrook                1943   ( 10 operations )

Sgt. G.R. Micklefield flew in "H - for How" and was killed in action on the 4th July 1944. His crew members who died along with him are as follows: ( including two other crews he also flew with whilst at R.A.F. Binbrook ).

W.O. I.H. Clark
F.S. D.V. Joy
Sgt. G.R. Micklefield - (my uncle)
F.O. K.J. McLean
F.S. C.K. Mollett
P.O. J.A. Solomon
Sgt. F.D. Wills
( 2 ) Operations

J.F. Lunn
G.R. Micklefield - (my uncle) C.N. Bryant
G.G. Edgarton
G. Bull
J.G. Arnold
J. Bland
( 2 ) Operations
( 3 ) Operations
with D.R. Riddell

D.J. Cullen
G.R. Micklefield - (my uncle)
A. Robinson
W.H. Grey
R.W. Yates
C. Wheatley (I think this is Col Wheatley who lives here in Brisbane, Australia - Peter)
A.W. Knapp
( 3 ) Operations

According to my Father's knowledge a Canadian: A.C. Hutchinson of the R.A.C.F. was flying that night also and witnessed my uncle's Lanc being shot down and was about 1,800 ft away.

He thinks the Rear and Upper Gunners ran out of ammunition therefore the fighters had their advantage and the rest you know. ( tear tear ).

I hope I still have your patience on this long e-mail Peter, because the reason I am telling and sending you this, is I am hoping that there may be Survivor's of No. 460 Squadron alive today who may have known my uncle Sgt. G.R. Micklefield, and if there is, I would appreciate it if they contact me.

Any pictures, Information, or just to share a phone call would be great. I am doing this not just for myself - but for my Father as well. I, we, would be most grateful.

Speaking of pictures, my Father is sending me a picture of my uncle in uniform when he was stationed at R.A.F. Binbrook. As soon as I receive it, I will be only too glad to send you a copy via mail / internet.

On a last note if you have any books on 460 Squadron / Information / memorabilia I would Gladly purchase them.

I shall leave you my name, address, phone No., fax No., and obviously my e - mail address for you to forward to anyone who knows of anything.

By the way Peter, does your Association have a phone or fax number I could have, and do you know of any future "Reunion's" coming or being held in England any time soon. If so my Father would be most interested in going. Thanks.

To all the men and women of 460 Squadron, and to the men and women who fought the Two World Wars.

I Salute you all - Alive or Dead

"Strike and Return"
That, they have done.
In more ways than one.

Look forward to hearing from you soon Peter - Keep the good work up.

Your's Sincerely
Louis Micklefield
510 Tall Oaks Circle SE
Conyers, Georgia 30013

Phone No:  ( 011 ) 1 770 860 1460
Fax No:      ( 011 ) 1 770 860 8241


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Subject:   Sgt. G.R. Micklefield
Date:           Sun, 1 Mar 1998
From:  (Ann Micklefield)

Gidday sport,

Thank-you for returning my e-mail. I really appreciate you placing the information on your home page.

For your information I had some good news today 01/03/98 - from a guy you should be familiar with - Gordon Stooke, author of "Flak and Barbed Wire" sent me some info. regarding my uncle. (Sgt. George R. Micklefield

Forwarding Gordon the e-mail I sent you yesterday, he has replied with good news that apparently one of the crew members my uncle flew with is still alive today.

You can imagine the excitement I felt when I read the news. Quickly I called my father to inform of what was going on, and he to is very excited.

Hope to get an e-mail / postal address or even better a phone number of the person which by the way is ( Col Wheatly ) so as to contact him in person.

Thought you'd like to know

Best Wishes to you and your family

Louis Micklefield


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Subject:   Ref: Sgt. G.R. Micklefield
Date:       Mon, 2 Mar 1998
From:   (Ann Micklefield)

Hey Peter,

How are you today, hope all is swell. If you can find Col Wheatly phone No. that would be smashing.

By the way, the photograph of 460 Squadron - 1944, you wouldn't happen to know what time of the year that was taken.

And lastly the book "Strike and Return", I see that there's an address to order. Do you know of a phone No?

Thanks for keeping in touch

Louis Micklefield


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