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Subject:    G for George
Date:             Thu, 4 Nov 1999 07:55:28 +1000
From:           "Tim Hebron" <>

Just a short note re my father who was in 460 Squadron (and others). He has only just bought a computer and we are figuring it out, so if this gets to you, it's a miracle. His name is George Herbert Hebron (Bert) and was in groundcrew in charge of C flight J2..

I just showed him some of your site which of course was very interesting to him.

Unfortunately he has just gone out so I can't go into great detail re his memories.

He did however point out that he fitted the engines to "G" for George for the flight out here. Unfortunately, when the pilot saw these "reconditioned, but still old" Merlin 20s, he refused them and subsequently the engines which I assume are still presently fitted, replaced them.

Therefore I can't boast "My dad put those engines on there" but it is close! If you would like to contact, I think the address is Dad does remember a fair bit but after your research you probably know more.

Tim Hebron


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Subject:    Just a quick word.
Date:             Sun, 07 Nov 1999 21:29:10 +1000
From:           Andrew A H <>

Hi Peter,

My name is Andrew Hebron and my father, George Herbert "Bert" Hebron was a Sgt in 460 Squadron. He also served with 455 for a bit.

During his time in England, he also prepared the engines on "G" for George for it's journey to Oz. I do hear that the plane is to be restored to flying condition, I certainly hope this is true.

My brother, Tim found your site and told me about it this morning, so I fired up the pc here and I must say, am impressed by the whole thing, inlcuding the response you have in so little time of it running. I expect my brother to show Dad your site and I hope he can help you with other details and tales of 460 Squadron.

kind regards,

Andrew Hebron.


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