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Subject:     1183329 F/Sgt Robert J. Rogers 460 Sqdn
Date:              Thu, 28 Jan 1999 00:54:45 -0000
From:            "Christopher Pointon" <ceejay@waverider.co.uk>

Gidday Peter from Wolverhampton, England

In our new Tennis Clubhouse we have reinstated a Plaque commemorating three RAF Aircrew who were members of the Club and all were KIA in World War 11.

I decided to do some research as we knew nothing about their lives.

One of these is 1183329 F/Sgt R.J. Rogers W/Op-Air Gunner RAFVR who arrived at 27 OTU Lichfield 18/11/41- 460 Squadron Breighton 08/06/42 -13 Ops Wellingtons - 8 Ops Lancasters - KIA 27/01/43 at Vierson-Ummer Lancaster 1 W4817 UV-K and remembered at CWG Rheinberg with the rest of the crew.

I looked at the CWG site http://www.cwgc.org/ and searched the register to find out some information on the crew and their seems to be an anomally on the ranks compared with your Memorial Roll. The CWG register site has been plagued with technical problems and its very slow, try it when the Americans are asleep.

They have the following:-

403160 Pilot Officer R.A. Brittingham (you have F/Sgt) Pilot
403396 Pilot Officer W.M.J. Matchett (you have F/Sgt) Bomb Aimer
401053 F/Sgt N.H. Simpson Navigator
6946 Sgt T.H. Williams Engineer
407994 F/Sgt J.K. Swain Gunner
401739 F/Sgt I.G. Brodie (you have Sgt) Gunner

This may be a mistake on paper but I intend to visit Rheinberg and it will be most unfortunate if the Memorials have been incorrectly engraved. I would think your information is correct but I would like you to check it out.  Sgt Williams had a different type of service number which perhaps you could explain.

What are my intentions with all this information.

Well, I want to give a presentation to the Tennis Club in the form of a CD-Rom interactive display broken up with commercial video shots of Lancaster Operations, Tempest 11, and hopefully a Fairey Battle.

I have no photographs at all and the ultimate would be a photo of the above crew standing by UV-K and some wartime of shots of Breighton, the photo you have on the website of the Squadron is wonderful but is it 42 at Breighton or 43 at Binbrook? You will have a better idea than me of what is possible.

I now intend to advertise in the local paper for any friends or relatives of F/Sgt Rogers and visit his original address. I will be visiting PRO Kew shortly to look through the Squadrons Operation Books, visit Breighton (still flying from here using taxiway as runway) Lichfield (some hangars still here) and Rheinberg in March/April. I am happy to research any information you may need and take specific photos at Rheinberg should anyone request them. There will be no charges for my services (within reason).

I leave it to you as to whether you want mention any of this on the guest book page.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards

Christopher Pointon


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