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Subject:  460 Sqn WW2 Operational Record.
Date:          Fri, 20 Nov 1998 14:31:35 +1300
From:          John Roberts jrober01@xtra.co.nz


First of all sincerest congratulations on an outstanding web page. As a WW2 child and latterday student of the RAF Bomber Command strategic bombing offensive against Nazi occupied Europe, I am mightily impressed by all that you have put, and evidently continue to put, into the page. Nice stuff said, will you now allow me jut a couple of nit-picks? Not wishing in any way to detract from what 460 did over Europe I have to take issue with your home page claims of most sorties, highest tonnage and heaviest casualties, which need some qualification I believe. I think 460 Sqn flew most sorties..in 1 Group; flew most sorties and suffered most losses...in the Australian Squadrons; suffered the highest percentage loss in all Bomber Command 'Wellington' Squadrons; flew most Lancaster sorties in 1 Group and in Bomber Command and suffered the most Lancaster losses in 1 Group. My info is that 460 Sqn did however drop the greatest tonnage in Bomber Command - approx. 24,000 tons. My edition of Martin Middlebrook/ Chris Everitt's 'The Bomber Command War Diaries' has it on page 742 that 115 Sqn 'suffered the most losses in the whole of Bomber Command; the only squadron to lose more than 200 aircraft in the war' And on page 729 is info that 75 (New Zealand) Sqn 'Flew the most sorties in 3 Group and in Bomber Command' I can recommend Middlebrook/Everitt and also the series of 'Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War' compiled by W R Chorley. My appreciation again of your excellent web page -

Regards - John.


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