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The following photographs were supplied to me by John Williams on 20 November 1997.


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Charles Smith was born on 11 April 1915. He lived at 60 Railway Avenue, Portland, the son of John and Rachel Smith.

Killed in action
22 September 1943



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The following is from "Strike and Return" and describes events during a raid to Berlin on 3 September 1943:-

Two crews had collisions, Flight Sergeant C.K. Smith's Lancaster colliding about three quarters of an hour before the target, but despite the lower portion of his tail fin being broken away, and the rear turret and inter-com being unserviceable, he continued on to the target and bombed.  His remarks on landing back at base were "Berlin has had its time!!"

And Charles Smith's final raid is described as follows:-

"It was back to business with a vengeance, however when, after tow weeks' respite from ops., apart from a small mining operation, they attacked Hanover on 22nd September (1943) in great strength, a total force of 658 bombers taking part.  The returning crews reported good bombing results but their optimism was not substantiated by the official results which reported very widespread bombing.   The German night fighters were not fooled by diversionary raids on Oldenburg and Enden and provided bitter opposition, the squadron losing two crews, those captained by Flight Sergeants R.N. Hansen and C.K. Smith.  The latter pilot also had a new arrival on the squadron with him, Flying Officer M.T.L. Watson, who went along to gain experience."



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