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Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Sat, 21 Nov 1998 18:44:25 +1100
From:           "Matt Horan" <>


I am a journalist with The Courier-Mail, so it is good to see someone from Brisbane with an interest in 460 Squadron.

My grandfather, Bill Brannelly, flew with 460 in 1943 as a bomb-aimer - so he's in the photo on your website somewhere. He did one tour, although curiously only flew 28 ops. He was sent to Officer training School after that to become a pilot, but was still training in Australia when the war ended. He flew on other operations which did not count as the crew had to turn back before the target (which didn't count). I have his log book, which is an interesting read, if somewhat dry in parts.

I'll try to get some scans done of some of the pages if you want to put them on your website.

The most interesting passage is an entry for an op over Cologne - his 10th.

"Operations - Colonge - Bomb load 1x4000lb, 3x500, 12 2/3 SBCs - 10/10 cloud. Intense heavy flack - hits in bomb doors and B/A's position".

I remember my grandfather telling me that when they got back, they counted 77 holes in the aircraft.

He flew with a Flight Sergeant Oakeshott as pilot for 27 of his 28 missions - a Sergeant Rees was pilot for the 7th.

The aircraft swapped around a bit - unfortunately for the family anecdotes, none of them was "George", which I get to see quite a bit now, living in Canberra as I do.

I am keen to get in contact with Sergeant Oakeshott, and any of the other crew.

Unfortunately my grandfather died a few years back. His widow (his second wife) has some copies of photos of him and his crew, and hopefully I should get some copies at some stage. My mother has his medals, including the Air Crew Europe Star. I was talking to some 460 veterans at Anzac Day a few years back and they told me they regarded it as a "survivors medal" due to the number of their mates who didn't make it.

If you could help me with contact details, I would appreciate it.




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