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Subject:   Australian Lancaster Pilot contribution
Date:             Fri, 13 Mar 1998
From:          "Matthew Ford" <>

G'day Peter,

God bless your father-in-law for flying with 460 RAAF Squadron and with G for George I have the deepest regard for him and his comrades. Whenever I am in Canberra I always go to the Australian War Memorial and pay my tributes to G for George and think of the Australians that gave their all in these magnificent aircraft, (I am only 25), for a cause they believed in. I have been there four times in the last ten years.

My Great Uncle Flew with no 12 Squadron RAF with Lancasters during WW2 with no 12 Squadron Wickenby when he disappeared over Dusseldorf 1943. He was with the RAAF and died believing his country and the Commonwealths future in a foreign country. God bless his spirit and that of the country he died for Australia.

He was based at Wikenby in 1943 and flew 6 missions. God bless him and every other Australian that gave his life in a foreign land.


Matthew Ford
Great Nephew of Patrick Ford,
RAAF with 12 Squadron RAF UK
1943 Wickenby.

From Goondiwindi Queensland


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