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Subject:     Frank Walker
Date:              Mon, 23 Mar 1998
From:            "Simon Cox" <>


My name is Simon Cox, I have the good fortune to be the son in law of Francis (Frank) Walker who was a member of 460 Squadron ground crew as an instrument basher. I think you will know of him as he has been in touch with some of your members. I have only recently got onto the internet and have come across your websites, unfortunately Frank lives some 150 miles from me and does not have access to the internet but I will let him know of the sites and when he next visits us in early July I will be sure to let him play for an hour or two as there seems to be a lot to look at and I am sure he will be delighted to see old names etc. I will get him to e-mail you as well. In the mean time if there is anyone who wishes to get in touch with him or if you think there is any news that he might like to here please do send it to me as an attachment to an e-mail and I will pass it on.

His address is "Tamberlaine", Rushmere Lane, Orchard Leigh, Chesham, Bucks. UK.


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