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Subject:   460 Squadron
Date:           Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:12:36 +1000
From:          "Greg Groves" <Greg.Groves@det.nsw.edu.au>


I am Greg Groves from Glenbrook in NSW.

Congratulations on your web site.

My uncle, Warrant Officer Kevin Kieran Groves, flew as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 460 Squadron in Wellingtons and Lancs, from Breighton and Binbrook. He was shot down over Leipzig on 19/20 Feb 1944. I have some of his photos, including quite a nice one of a Lanc starting up at Binbrook, as well as documents from that period. I also have some written reminiscences of his including some about various Kreigesgefengenlager in Poland and Germany. Some of these stories, especially one about his last mission which appeared in the Newcastle Sun in (I think) 1968, have a strong human interest side.

I would be a bit reluctant to send original photos as even with the best intentions sometimes things can go wrong. I can scan photos and forward them to you as .gif files. What Wp format would be preferable for stories ? Would Word Perfect be OK?

Kevin Groves now lives in retirement at Nelson Bay in NSW.


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Subject:   460 Squadron
Date:           Mon, 26 Jul 1999 10:43:48 +1000
From:          "Greg Groves" <Greg.Groves@det.nsw.edu.au>

No, I didn't get any photos, I wasn't expecting to see "G George" and did not have a camera with me. My understanding, from what the attendant was saying, is that they intend to have the aeroplane hall at the AWM open again at the end of this year but what the schedule is for George I am not too sure. Last time I spoke to Uncle Kev he told me that he has a friend working on the restoration of George (Eric something I think his name is) and that a complete restoration is being carried out this time, so George might be at the Mitchell annex for a while yet. As I said before, even though it is in pieces, this is a great opportunity to see a Lanc up close and in detail.

Greg Groves



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