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Subject:     Uden Cemetry
Date:              Thu, 30 Apr 1998
From:            "Gerard Bourke" <GBOURKE@stpatsblrt.vic.edu.au>

Dear Peter

My name is Gerard Bourke and I am Deputy Principal at St Patrick's College, Ballarat. My father-in-law, Frank, is Dutch and during the war he can remember the bombers flying over his small town of Uden, central Holland.

Last year he and his wife went for a return trip to his home town. He visited the War Cemetry and discovered the graves of 19 RAAF servicemen. The curator of the cemetry asked Frank to find out about these men as noone had visited them and they knew nothing of them. The faxed over the grave details. 8 of them are from the 460 Squadron.

I undertook to follow this through and have acquired all of their service histories from Australian Archives in Canberra as well as some squadron records which detail the MIA status of some of these men. I have also visited the RAAF Association and am making contact with a number of current members. I have read John Stooke's book and have his phone number. I am too busy to follow many of these through but am trying.

I would appreciate contact over this matter. I intend publishing material for the cemetry in Holland. I am willing to make available any information I find.

Gerard Bourke


Gerald - please send me another e-mail
Your e-mail address above does not seem to work - Peter



Subject:    460 Sqd
Date:             Tue, 25 Apr 2000 09:37:38 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

G'day Peter

Just looking at your page. I sent a message to Gerard Bourke regarding the cemetary in UDEN, Holland. I am interested to know were abouts.

I was in UDEN September/December 1944. How I got there was another story. When I was there Airman were buried by the locals as unknown. There was one bloke in the Catholic Cemetary another a Spitfire pilot in a plot on the crossroads of the main road to Grave. Uden Oss Xroads. The Pommies came along an moved all to War Grave Commission designated plots.

When going through Belgium I had a look around. My dad was there in the AIF 1918. before that in Turkey. Soon be ANZAC day.

Well I don't want to bore you. I'll pack it in.

Before I do. Have you the latest Email address of Bourke? My message was just returned. Thanks young mate.

My ICQ No. 26140722. 6hrs in front of you + yesterday. How's that.

Mick Read



Subject:   460 Sqd
Date:           Wed, 26 Apr 2000 20:11:00 -0700
From:          "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Hi Pete...

Thanks for you quick reply. In contact with a photographer in Uden Regarding the eight RAAF blokes in the cemetary. Also in touch with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the UK. Let you know of developments.

Logged your ICQ number, so I know when you are on line. My mate and I use it mainly to transfer programmes.

The biggest problem is most bomber blokes in Europe were buried as unknown.

And it was not until the poms caught up that they were intered. Some were even planted in gardens. hidden from Gerry, untill we arrived. Others were hidden in roof's for years. In Rethie. Belgium I got matey with a Frontier guard. He had a limey Spitfire Sgt pilot from Liverpool in his roof for three years. The SS and Gestapo were bastards even to the German personnel When we landed D_day they shot 115 Canadian infantry that morning so it open season on them. More dead than alive. Thats it, enough for now. Keep ANZAC day going . It will die out with the mob you are getting now.......My old dad was in Gallipoli.

All the best

Mick ..

Ps Had Cousins in Brisbane. Visited HMAS Brisbane in '67 when new.....



Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:35:38 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Hi Pete. .....

Had an email from a photographer in Uden. Holland. His name is Wille Kuijpers..... http://home.wxs.nl/~willemku/index.htm

It looks like a Commwealth Air Force Cemetary. Evidently there was a big gathering there yesterday. Of Aussies, Kiwi's and Brits. Guess ANZAC Day.

Brit Legion usually sponser that.

Well this bloke spoke to the caretaker and will part up with info. If I can get this guy to take some digital photo's would it be possible to put them on your page and give him credit for them, like His website?

Evidently there are RAAF, RNZAF, RAF, and RCAF intered. Maybe a few German pilots. The Brits always planted German blokes in Air Force cemetaries.

Funny the old brain is always on the go. 1942 on RAF no1 Fighter station, Called North Weald, a Messerschmit Crash landed on the runway Pilot wounded. The town gave a military funeral. Of course there used to be get togethers with German and Allied pilots in th UK. A beer-up. Funny war.

Even in Vancouver here, a German pilot that escorted a crippled B17 across the Channel, got them to England and flew off to Norway. After the war the RAF found him made him an Honary member of the Air Force Assoc. He stated on TV he was proud of that. The Yanks located the plane, took it to the States, rebuilt it and invited him to fly it again. That was two years ago.

All sorts of stories out there. One I followed up was two RAAF flying Officers got killed in Alberta. Canada whilst at the Commonwealth Flying School CALGARY. They were chasing cows in a DH Tigermoth. Memorial erected.

Is that enought for now.

Good on yer,,,,,,,,,

Mick Read.

PS Uden is in line with Arnham .The Para drop zone. 7000 Killed and missing. another story. 460 hauled gliders?



Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Tue, 2 May 2000 15:40:22 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Hi Pete ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Just got an Email from Holland ......the bloke is going to take photo's. Found a fella that is willing to provide info. Looks like 703 men buried there. 7 unknown. He says that most are Pommies. Anyway a book is around on that cemetery (got it right this time) I'll check that too.

If there is any others interested, They can contact either one of us. Wish this guy Bourke would show up. Uden is interested in his father-in-law...

See yer Mick...



Subject:     460 Squadron
Date:              Sun, 7 May 2000 08:50:13 -0700
From:            "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Pete .........Info. 2 more jpg's to follow. Doug Cuthbertson intends to write a book on Lanc crews.................



mr01.jpg (105776 bytes)

Map of Reichswald and Rheinberg War Cemeteries in Germany.

mr02.jpg (42444 bytes)

Photo of Reichswald Cemetery


mr03.jpg (189921 bytes)

Info on Rheinberg Cemetery

mr04.jpg (67493 bytes)

Info on Reichswald Cemetery



Subject:   Cemeteries
Date:           Sun, 14 May 2000 17:53:00 -0700
From:          "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>


Just found..... Holland .Arhnem/ Oosterbeek. Brit. Airborne Cemetery.

Four Australian Airmen.......

Bergen-op zoom.. Brit Cemetery...Twelve Australian Airmen.

Norway....Oslo Western Civil Cemetery...Two Australian Airmen.

All out of UK.

Mick Read



Subject:    Cemeteries
Date:             Tue, 16 May 2000 08:25:27 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Pete .....

I hope to track these down before long..What others were in Britain. They are all Aussies to me. How ever I shall work on it.... A lot of Bomber crews were a Commonwealth mix. A bloke that sent you an email. from the UK is writing a book on Lancaster Bomber crews. He seems to be a wealth of information . He sent me the final resting place of a tank crew we came upon in Sept '44 . In UDEN . Have not heard from the Dutch photographer yet.

Old Dingo's never give up.

Mick Read

Sage War Cemetery, Oldenburg. Germany.....35 Aussies..Will check. Close to Hamburg. (The Firestorm City).

Don't be surprised. There were a few Aussies in the Brit Army. One General (Brit) that was with the 6th Div in Egypt I met on a break-down. Said "What are you bloody doing here". A good bloke too.



Subject:   Fw: WAR GRAVES UDEN
Date:       Fri, 19 May 2000 09:50:01 -0700
From:      "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

----- Original Message -----
From:            Judith Donald <judith.donald@cwgc.org>
To:                <mread@silk.net>
Sent:             Friday, May 19, 2000 7:28 AM
Subject:        WAR GRAVES UDEN

Dear Michael Read

Uden is a town on the main road between Eindhoven and Nijmegen. The War Cemetery is 350 metres from the centre of the town on the Nijmegen road, at the junction with the road to Zeeland. The cemetery is also signposted on the N265 Uden-Eindhoven. There are 19 casualties from the Royal Australian Air Force buried in the cemetery, mainly in plots 4 and 5.

The other war graves site at Uden is the Uden (Odiliapeel) Roman Catholic Cemetery. This cemetery is directly behind the Roman Catholic Church, in the centre of Odiliapeel. Here are buried 5 airmen of the Royal Air Force, four of the graves being in the south-south-west part of the cemetery, and the other in the north-east portion.

Judith Donald
Enquiries Section



Subject:    460 Squadron
Date:             Fri, 26 May 2000 13:01:50 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

G'day Mate. Just been looking at your page . That bloke Read is trying to make a name for himself, by look of it. Blimey you dont have to scrawl my name on the stuff I send. The Pics turned out better than I thought. Well Willem is locating a book on Uden. You know these fella's seem very willing to help.

A guy in Belgium sent me info. on the Belgian family that hid a Pilot in the roof. It seems that following generations do not easily forget either.

Amen. m.

PS Dont know if you are interested. Have about 14 photos of Hannover, Germany bombing. As seen June 1945.

Here goes. I took a civilian photographer around . Cost. 60 cigarettes. The cash of the day.


mr05.jpg (29380 bytes) mr06.jpg (38935 bytes)
mr07.jpg (47610 bytes) mr08.jpg (27424 bytes)
mr09.jpg (47973 bytes) mr10.jpg (35655 bytes)
mr11.jpg (33264 bytes) mr12.jpg (46003 bytes)
mr13.jpg (36430 bytes)

'Continental' Tyre factory

mr14.jpg (77842 bytes)


mr15.jpg (84843 bytes)


mr17.jpg (14033 bytes)

'Continental' Tyre factory

mr18.jpg (34545 bytes)

'Continental' Tyre factory

mr19.jpg (30132 bytes)
mr20.jpg (37489 bytes) mr21.jpg (33323 bytes)
mr22.jpg (25730 bytes)  



Subject:   460 Sqdn.
Date:           Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:27:27 -0700
From:          "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Pete. Just got the Uden book. I will send the Jpgs separately they are large. One 4ea .The old cemetery .3887 the Brit war cemetery (1946) All were moved up the street from the original RC property. Will fill you in later.


mr24.jpg (171971 bytes)

mr25.jpg (149451 bytes)

British War Cemetery



Subject:     RAAF
Date:              Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:41:21 -0700
From:            "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Burial. 7/1/43. Row.10. Grave.68-71 (old RC cemetery) Target. Essen.

RAAF. 460Sqdn. Lancaster. Crashed. 4/1/43. Hatert. Holland.

Grave 68. K.J.H. Harris.
Plot.4. Row.G. Grave.4.
Buried as Unknown. April 1946 Identified as.
Grave 69. E.J.B. Fletcher.
Graves 70-71. F.E. Hutchinson. and W.J. Watson.
6-7. joint.

Burial. 14/1/43. Row. 10. Graves.73-75. (old cemetery)

Grave. 73. H.G. Brooks.
Grave. 74 H.P. Gray.
Grave. 75. R.T.Lonsdale. Graves not listed. Will check.

Burial. 24/6/44. Plot.I. Row.8. Graves. 98-103. (old RC cemetery)Target. Wuppertal.

RAAF. 463 Sqdn. Lancaster. Crashed 22/6/44. Macharen.Holland.

Grave. 98. D.C. Sykes. Plot.
5. Row.B. Grave.7.
Grave. 99. E.A.L. Smith.
Grave.100. J.H.Hollis.
Grave.101 R.E. Fittal.
Grave.102.A.B. Gossip.
Grave.103.P.H.M. Jones.
Grave. 72. Buried unknown . Later Identified as
H.F. Raynham.
2. F. 7.

Have one more to check . Listed as RCAF.460 Sqdn. Maybe one was RCAF. They had Canada on their shoulder. RAF grey..... RAAF. blue. (no country) Have a Pom checking.




Subject:    460 Sqdn.
Date:             Wed, 14 Jun 2000 15:50:04 -0700
From:           "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Pete a couple of maps .British War Cemetery 1946 Appendics 5. (final)

Uden town 3 original cemeteries 1-2-3. Never knew the town was that big.

A note I found in the book. info. can be used. But please mention . Author. A. Verbakel.

The Foundation Uden War Cemeteries. A chap by the name of Jan. Heeson. He worked for the local council and was entrusted with the cemeteries. The poor bugger got shit from the locals for arranging German burials. later dug-up and moved to another town . Another story was the Germans were very upset that the towns folk of Vught.( a few miles away ) Used to place flowers on Aircrews graves every day. So they moved them to Uden. It was amazing, the Dutch as soon as they found a grave anywhere as long as it was Allied they brought fresh flowers every day.


mr26.jpg (93765 bytes)



Subject:     460 Sqdn.
Date:         Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:09:43 -0700
From:        "Mick Read" <mread@silk.net>

Me again.

Buried 29/5/43 Plot.I. Row.2. Graves. 14-17. Listed as RCAF. 460 Sqdn. Lanc.

Crashed at Valburg ?, Holland.

J.A Grant. Grave 159 (old cemetery) Plot.5 Row.H. Grave.2. (New burial 1946.)

E.J. Kerr. 16. " 5.
H. 3. "

C. Harrison. 14. " 5.
H. 1. "

W.A.Blackwell. 17. " 5.
H. 4. "

Taken Prisoner.

Sgt. W.G. Schrader. RAAF.....Nav.
P/O. C.C. Bates. RAAF.....B/A.
Sgt.. C.R.S. Morris...RAFVR.

>From Binbrook 27/3/43.Attacked. Night-fighter over Holland. Plane exploded. 3 bodies in crash at Herveld. 10 km.NW. of Nijmegen. Time.0209hrs. 28/3/43.

Above from contact in Uk. Doug Cuthbertson. (See your E-mails.)

Good to be of service. What next. Good on yer. The Read bloke.

Ps. Fletcher was buried as unknown untill the Brits. reburied him. Pilot and Nav. baled out and. both landed in same field. Pilot dead. (perhaps found in Valburg).




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