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Subject:     460 sqdn member details
Date:              Sat, 28 Aug 1999 10:34:11 +1000
From:             "jabkcoop" <jabkcoop@bit.net.au>

Dear Peter,

My name Tony Cooper and am the son-in-law of W-O R. J. Brummell, a member of 460 Sqdn.

It is a minor detail but the spelling of Brummell as you can see has two l's.

I appreciate that it is too late for corrections in the books already published but thought you may be able to correct the spelling in your records.

Many Thanks.

Just for your info, Bob was a rear gunner in 460 Sqdn. and will be 80 years old in November, but unfortunately is suffering less than good health and resides in Carindale Nursing Home here in Brisbane.

My wife, Jenny, myself and our children visit Bob each week and though I am sure some days he wonders who the hell we are, he always has a smile for us and seems pleased to see us.

We are immensely proud of Bob and his achievements during the war, not the least of which was to come home in one piece. Due to the recent passing of Bobs wife Nancy, we have come into possession of their personal papers etc and are slowly finding a wealth of information on Bobs family.We even found Bobs brothers P.O.W. papers.Bob's brother is Tom, however, I do not know which squadron Tom was in. Tom was shot down over Europe on the first of the daylight raids by British and Australian crews.

If I can find any further info. or photos for you I will let you know.

Kind Regards,

Tony Cooper


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