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Walter Lynwood Arksey

Subject:  460 re Arksey
Date:      Wed, 31 Dec 1997
From:     Arksey (

Hi Peter.

I periodically do a search for "Arksey" on the Net to see what is new and using HotBot I found your page. I am named after my Uncle Walter Arksey, killed June 10, 1944. I was looking for the mission/flight that he was on when he died but didn't see it in your list. Any ideas? (I can only assume that Walter was part of P-O R. L. Nicholson's crew that went down on 10 June 1944 on a raid to Acheres Railway Junction - Peter)

Walter was one of the Canadians flying with the RAAF. I don't know how he was chosen for the RAAF. My father flew with other Canadians (tail-gunner).

Here in Canada, they have named lakes after those killed in the war. Walter's "Arksey Lake" is in the far north of the province of Manitoba. We were over to see Walter's and some of the other RAAF grave sites just outside of Paris a few years ago.

Good to see your page.



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Subject:   460 Squadron
Date:           Sat, 11 Jul 1998
From:          Barry Arksey <>


I have been looking at your information on the 460 Squadron RAAF. W.L.Arksey was my uncle . There was a book put out about the squadron titled Strike and Return is that the right title and if so could I get a copy?

Bye for now Barry


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