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Date:          14 Jan 1998
From:         "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" (wmc@powerup.com.au)

Hullo there,

My name is Bruce McDonald and l'm a collector of aircrew memorabilia for both wars. l have a number of aircrew medals in my collection. l'm trying to identify a fellow 8246 F./O A.J. Jackson RAAF. Do you have any nominal rolls of all aircrew of 460 Sqn that identifies him l believe he was shot down in 44

Ta Bruce


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Subject:  PS to the last
Date:          14 Jan 1998
From:        "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue"   (wmc@powerup.com.au)

Hullo again PS to the last. There was a chap that wrote "Wings over Capricornia". He had quite a few photos l know this because l used to pop across the road from work at lunchtime and chat to him about his book. The photos he had, and there was a few, were given to the Rockhampton library. Correct me if  I'm wrong, but l think the bomber was flown out on a promotion gig by a fellow that come from Bolsover Street, Rockhampton.



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Subject:  Re: PS to the last
Date:          Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:32:09 +1100
From:         "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" (wmc@powerup.com.au)

No Peter, l used to work there (Rockhampton) approx 3 1/2 years ago.  I'm now in Brisbane.  I took redundancy from the government last September, since then l've been following my interest collecting and researching aussies within the R.A.F and R.A.A.F which is another step in my collecting as a couple of years ago I was and still am interested in aussies in the A.F.C and R.F.C. Nowadays I also have a site on the net for medals research and collectables. By the way l couldn't quite remember that chaps name that wrote that book but now the pennies dropped it was Glen Cousins.



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Subject:  Item of interest
Date:          Fri, 16 Jan 1998
From:        "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue"   (wmc@powerup.com.au)

PSS again thought you maybe interested but l have recently picked up Neville Jack Anderson, DFC and medals to my collection. Neville was with 460 and was shot down before Christmas 1943.


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Subject:  Re: Thanks Peter
Date:          Sat, 17 Jan 1998
From:        "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue"  (wmc@powerup.com.au)

Onya mate, thanks very much l'll have a look at that one.  F/0 A.J Jackson I was told was shot down and interned in Sweden, rough date l've got is 29 Aug 44.  l have'nt got the 5th edition of Bomber command losses maybe he rates a mention in there.



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Subject:  Some info
Date:          Mon, 19 Jan 1998
From:         "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" (wmc@powerup.com.au)

Found an entry on page224, "Bomber Command Losses 1943":-

Lancaster ED369 Op: Koln
Crash lande at Hawkinge, Kent at 0345hrs
7 lancasters lost on mission.

Also brief on raid in Bomber Command Diaries pages 405-406.

l wouldnt mind getting hold of a squadron shot there was a few taken at the time maybe the association has one to part with or copy. l saw one ages ago but silly me didnt grab it at the time.  I had my sights set on a squadron shot of 2 Sqn A.F.C. at the time, gladly l was successful.



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Subject:  Some info on 'G' for George
Date:          Wed, 21 Jan 1998
From:         "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" (wmc@powerup.com.au)

Hullo Peter,

Found some info in a book called "Lancaster, The story of a famous bomber" by Bruce Robertson. On pages 46 and 47 it gives good reference to 'G' for George W4783 that it was flown out by the following crew for a wartime loans rally.

Captain Flt Lt E.A. Hudson D.F.C & bar Rockhampton
Second Pilot Flg Off E.P. Skith D.F.C Newcastle
Navigator Flg Off W.C. Gordon D.F.C Raliegh
Bomb Aimer Flg Off T.V.McCarthy D.F.C & bar Brisbane
W/Op?Air Gunner Flg Offr G.H. Tindall, D.F.M Cremorne
W/Op/Air Gunner Flg Off Young D.F.M Matraville
Fitter Flt Sgt H. Tickle Adelaide
Fitter Sgt K.A. Ower Telamon

Took off from Preswick on Oct 11th, 44 and finally reached Australia at 11.32 am 8th Nov at Amberley. Did two trips to Rocky at the request of Mr S.G. Hudson, must have been his father.  So there, I think this is the Rocky connection, so l'd be inclined to contact the library to see if you can get some shots. So grab the book Peter, I think its a must. Published 1964 by Harleyford Publications Ltd UK.

Hope you find this of interest

Cheers Bruce


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Subject:   PRETTY GOOD
Date:            26 Jan 1998
From:          "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" <wmc@powerup.com.au>

Pretty good shots Peter, wouldnt mind them myself. The Squadron shot is what l missed out on earlier l was ...... off at myself. Does Vic have any shots taken in 43 that identify F/O Neville Jack Anderson, l have a head shot taken for his POW mug shot but that's it. Your site is coming along quite well Peter . May l ask what you do as an occupation? (I'm an electrical engineer - Peter)  l'll get that info to you.  Can you give me a address?



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Date:            26 Jan 1998
From:          "Bruce McDonald - World Medal Catalogue" wmc@powerup.com.au

Subject:   Article on Denmark


Had a look at the article of the Lancaster that went down in Denmark. The other chap l have been researching F/O A.J.Jackson when down at roughly the same time but crashed and was interned in Sweden. l think his aircraft was PB379 does any one have anymore info. Also Peter would you be kind enough to ask in amongst your contacts if anyone has acopy of the squadron shot. l doubt that anyone would part with one but you never know your luck.




Subject:    Hello Peter
Date:             Mon, 4 Sep 2000 21:39:18 +1000
From:           "bruce mcdonald" <wmc@powerup.com.au>

Hello Peter back again old son. There will be an article on Neville Anderson in Medal News. I have recently written away to the Courier Mail regarding the War Correspondent from the Sunday Sun, Norman Stockton that lost his life on this mission. I would be most happy to share any items for you members. Recently ordered the 460 Sqn shot at Binbrook from AWM.

Talk to you soon



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