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Subject:   Aussie monuments in Denmark.
Date:           Thu, 18 Nov 1999 19:46:33 +1100
From:          "Brian Olesen" <>

Hi, Peter,

Your web site with the 460 Squadron Lancasters is very interesting.

I returned 2 months ago from a holiday to my country of birth, Denmark.

As a member of the local RSL sub Branch in Epping (Sydney), I have become interested in the fates of Australians who were shot down over Denmark, and especially the memorials set all over the country to the bravery of the allied fliers, who died there. Consequently I visited as many of these monuments and also most of ther war graves, as possible. I can tell you, that I stood at the Stadil monument 3 months ago. Your mention of the crew (of Lancaster EE-138) being buried in the local cemetery is incorrect, I am afraid. There was literally nothing left to collect and bury, according to eyewitnesses, one of whom I spoke to. Maybe - some of the crew lies deep in part of the wreckage, which sank out of sight in the marshy country. The stone, which bears the names of the crew, also acts as a headstone, according to Anders Bjørnvad, whom I also met.

I am at the moment working on a presentation for our local branch, showing photos of most of the monuments which bear Australian names, and of the various war graves and cemeteries, where Australian airmen are buried. There are approximately 75 Australian graves; 4-5 contain unknown Australian airmen.


Brian Olesen
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Subject:   Lancaster EE-138
Date:           13 February 2000
From:          "Brian Olesen" <>

Hi, Peter

I have just learned, that there are moves afoot in Denmark to have the Commonwealth War Graves Commission declare the site and memorial for Lancaster EE138, at Stadil in North-Wewst Jutland, an official War Grave.

Regards Brian

Brian Olesen



Subject:    more photos
Date:             Tue, 1 May 2001 22:03:11 +1000
From:           "Brian Olesen" <>

Hi Peter,

Sorry to have been so long. Thank you for using the Vestbirk photo on your website.

I will try to attach a couple more; have had some difficulty, but hope it is OK now.

The Aale stone is truly magnificent, standing at the road side with three flagpoles behind and backed up by the small wood. When they were looking for a stone, a local farmer said:" I know exactly the stone we want. I don't know what it looks like, but I have plowed around it for decades!!!" Well, he got rid of it and it is the finest stone i saw over there.

I think Svinø cemetery is one of the most beautiful I have seen, quite dramatic with the sweeping hill.

I am in contact with two people now, who have seen my e-mail on your site. You know of Dave Smith from Ontario. He is at present in Denmark with his wife for the liberation ceremonies on 4/5 May at Svinø. You remember that his father's ashes were interred there two years ago.The Canadian ambassador to Denmark will be there.

The other is an Englishman who works for the british Forces' School in Germany. His uncle lies in a cemetery at Aabernraa in South Jutland. He was a crew member on one of the other Lancasters I was interested in, but have as yet not visited that particular memorial stone. I hope to do so in August - September this year, when I am likely to visit Denmark again.

Will let you know how it went when I come back.

In the meantime I hope you will be able to extract these two photos.

Best regards
Brian Olesen

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Aale stone


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