By Peter Dunn

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Battle of the Coral Sea
The Battle that Saved Australia
by Peter Dunn
WWII Self-help Research Tool
Why pay someone else when you can do your own research
by Peter Dunn
Townsville Air Depot
Manned by the 4th, 12th and 15th Air Depot Groups
by Peter Dunn
Marine Section
The Forgotten Era of Men & Vessels

History of RAAF Marine Section during WWII
by Leslie R. Jubbs
The General's Son
Arthur MacArthur in Australia during WWII
by Peter Dunn
Aussie Slang
Over 400 Aussie Slang Words and Phrases
by Peter Dunn
Allied Translator and Interpreter Section
Translation of Japanese documents and interrogation of Japanese POWs in Brisbane during WWII
by Peter Dunn
WWII Military Abbreviations
Guides you through the myriad of Military Abbreviations
by Peter Dunn
Townsville @ War
WWII Military Locations in and around Townsville
by Peter Dunn
Townsville @ War
Air Defence Systems 1942 and
the three Japanese Air Raids on Townsville
by Peter Dunn
MacArthur Museum Brisbane WWII Self-Guided Walking Tour of Brisbane CBD
by Peter Dunn
WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville - Self-guided
by Peter Dunn
208th Coast Artillery AA Regiment Official Historical Documents
Brisbane WWII Military
Telephone Directory - February 1945

Full of names and locations of
Allied Military Units in Brisbane area during WWII


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