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Date:            Monday, 23 February 1998
From:           Thomas McGuinness <Thomas.McGuinness@rsphy1.anu.edu.au>

Subject:    Hammer and sickle info.

Dear Peter,

After talking to one of the curators at the A.W.M., I found that the hammer and sickle insignia was painted in honour of the pilot officer who flew "G" for George on that particular mission. Naturally he was Russian but his name escapes me for the moment, but I will trot over to the War Memorial and find out and I will mail you with any further details. According to my reliable source he was quite a character around the 'drome' and could be found most days sporting an undertakers hat!

Allegedly he would also bring this with him on missions but this could be just a story! O.K. bye for now.

Tom Mc Guinness,
Australian National University, Canberra.

Gidday Tom - The guy with the Undertaker's hat was my father-in-law, Jan (John) Goulevitch.  I have a Home Page regarding his skylarks with his Undertaker's hat.  There is also a home page where the "Hammer and Sickle" mystery is solved by Clarrie Taylor.  It was not connected with Jan Goulevitch.  He only flew "G" for George on one occasion and it was not that mission. - Regards Peter


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