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Subject:     Pilot Officer Edwin John Ross DFM
Date:              Sat, 8 May 1999 00:56:52 +1000
From:            "Carolyn & Paul" <ramos@one.net.au>

Dear Sir,

I would appreciate any information that you may have on Pilot Officer Edwin John Ross, service number 407562. He was serving with the 460 Squadron when he died on Sunday the 2nd 0f January 1944. I believe all the crew of their Lancaster were buried together on the 6th of January 1944.

He was my fathers cousin and apparently they were like brothers and Edwins mother Norah, looked after me for the first 5 years of my life but the war was never spoken about, that much I do remember. I remember his photos and decorations that unfortunately no longer exist to my knowledge.

But I do remember in the case that held his decorations there was not only his DFM and service Medals but also a Medal in the form of a Flying Boot, this was of silver but I can,t quite remember the colour of the ribbon that was attached. This had been awarded to Edwin because he had to bail out behind enemy lines, but had made it back to England. I am not sure if this was a true decoration or something that had been thought up by the lads he was stationed with. The only mention of Eddy's death was that, very early one morning every one in his home at Glenelg South Australia awoke to an extremely bright light. Others of the extended family that were close to Eddy had the same happen to them this apparently would have been around the time of his death our time here in Australia.

From what I was told the Lancaster Eddy was in was overloaded and crashed during take off. I do not know if this was true. At this stage that is all I really know, but would be very grateful of any help that you may be able to share with me.

Sincerely Yours
Paul Ross.


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