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Bill Howard

Bill Howard's dad was in Townsville during the war as an American soldier.  Bill sent me a photograph taken in Townsville during WWII.

Chris Guest

Chris Guest had a family member killed in the crash of a B-25G that took off from Townsville during WWII.

Cyril Klimesh

Cy asked me about some red B-26's based at Garbutt that were used to tow targets for gunnery practice?

Bill McKinstry

Bill is Secretary/Treasurer of a peacetime organization called the 38th Bomb Group Association (WWII).

Wayne Scott

Wayne recently moved to Townsville and is very interested in military history.

Rodger Kelly

Rodger was posted to Townsville twice during his 22 years in the military to Lavarack Barracks.  He is very interested in WWII aviation and aircraft and used his time in Townsville searching for aircraft remains and visiting the many of the old wartime installations and sites.

Joseph Baugher

Joe Baugher has some knowledge of P38's from WWII. I asked him for some help tracking down the one that crashed near Pimlico during WWII. 

Ann Moore

Ann's father Colonel Luke Sewell (retired Liberator pilot) was a member of the Red Raiders.  He has fond memories of the time he spent in Townsville during WWII.
Paul Van Valkenburg Paul was able to assist me with some information on the 345th Bombardment Group and some more military aircraft crashes in the Townsville area.
Steve Quesinberry Steve also has a connection to the 345th Bombardment Group.
Dan Leggett

Dan Leggett's father was in the 39th Fighter Squadron

Walt Barbo

Walt visited the "Townsvile at War" home page.

Duke Sumonia

Duke Sumonia is searching for info on Sgt Ralph T Newbold, 5th AF, 380 BG, 530Sqd. lost 9/21/43. May have crashed on landing. Was R/O, Turret Gunner.

Steve McDevitt Steve's uncle, Lt. William Randall Crecelius, who was in the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Transport Group.  His uncle was killed when the C-47 he was piloting crashed 30 miles north of Rockhampton on 19 Dec 1943.
Ron Tidd Ron was born in Townsville during the war.   His father was in the 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Transport Group.
Jim Stevens Jim enquired as to the origin of the name Hudson in association with the Lockheed Hudson aircraft.
Boyd Honor Boyd's parents witnessed the crash of a B-26 Marauder near Gin Gin on 5 November 1942.
Jack Heyn Jack was an ex member of the 3rd Bomb Group who was based in Charters Towers for 11 months.
Carl Silber Carl Silber's father was killed during WWII when the Liberator aircraft "Texas Terror" flew into Hinchinbrook Island on 18 December 1942.
Bob Atkinson Bob Atkinson helped me with information on the location of Portland Roads in connection with the crash of a Kittyhawk on 15 June 1943.
Kevin Carder Kevin referred me to the Australian War Memorial's great photographic database.
Frank Hohmann Frank was in the 19th Bomb Group & the 43rd Bomb Group.
Ray Blackwood Ray has helped me with information on three Kittyhawk crashes.

22 Apr 43 - Proserpine

27 Apr 42 - NW of Cooktown

15 Jun 43 - Portland Roads

Ken "Andy" Anderson Ken is associated with the 39th Fighter Squadron.
Col Benson Col Benson, from Mackay, has helped me with details on a number of aircraft crashes in north Queensland during WWII.
John Laming John flew 3,000 hours on Long Nose Lincolns at various times between 1953 and 1960, and has written several stories on his experiences.
Allisen Schrock

Allisen's father was in the 435th "Kangaroo Squadron" 19 Bombardment Group.

James C. Houston James C. Houston was with the 22nd Bomb Group when they were in the Townsville area. He was with the 2nd Squadron stationed at Reid River where their camp was in the middle of a Cattle Station.
Hereward Dundas-Taylor Hereward has an interest in the history of Townsville during the war.
Chuck Montgomery Chuck's father was part of Ground Crew with the 19th Bomb Group, 93rd Squadron station at Mareeba, Australia during 1942 thru 1943 when the unit was sent back to the States.
Lindsay Knight Lindsay has some information in Mt Louisa.

Lindsay - Can you send me an e-mail with the details please.   -  Peter Dunn.

Robert Thompson Robert was a pilot in the 19th Squadron of the 22nd Bomb Group based at Woodstock.  He made friends with a Les Turner and is interested in contacting Les's daughter, Kim Warren, of Wulguru in Townsville.
Chris Young Chris (who was in my class at school in Townsville) is an airline pilot in Dubai. He has a friend, Rod Trower, in Dubai whose father was in No. 1 Wireless Unit based in Townsville.
Colleen Turnbull Colleen visited the "Townsville at War" home page and advised that she has friends at Mt. Low who are ex-RAAF friends.

Michael Moskow

Michael is researching the Allied aviator POWs imprisoned at Rabaul, New Britain, during WW II, among whom were several members of the 43rd Bom Group. He has details of some crashes as well.
Clyde Stephenson Clyde is the brother of Glenwood Stephenson who was tragically killed in the crash of a B-25 Mitchell bomber into Mount Bartle Frere on 21 April 1942.
Dave Armstrong Dave has been all over the web trying to find a picture of B-17E 41-2666. It originally flew with the 19th Bomb Group, 435th Squadron in 1942.
Curt Tinker Curt is from the 475th Fighter Group
John Moremon John is writing the unit history of 4 Squadron RAAF and 5 Squadron RAAF during WW2.
Harry "Terry" Terrell Terry is an ex member of the 405th Squadron of the 38th Bomb Group.  He arrived on an ATC C-54 at Amberley air field, west of Brisbane on 3 December 1943.
Jim McCune Jim's uncle, Edmund Woodrow Whatley, served at Townsville in the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron, 374th Transport Group, USAAF.
Mike Boccia Mike's father, Herman Boccia, was the Squadron painter/artist for the 405th Squadron in the 38th Bomb Group.
Bryan Elliott Bryan's father was in the 38th Bomb Group. He has many photos from his father's time in Itami with the group.
Justin Taylan Justin Taylan of Wanpela Books, has an excellent Home Page called Pacific Wreck Database.
Mike Bodnar Mike is the son of an ex member of the 89th Attack Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group.
Jack deTour Jack contacted me regarding the possible existence of an American cemetery in Townsville during WWII.
Herb Zwirn Herb flew Canberras in the 8th Bomb Squadron in Japan.
Ray Stout Ray has an interest in the 38th Bomb Group.
Sandra Fenton Sandra is the webmeister for the 13th Bomb Squadron Association (Korea).
Charles W. Hinton Charles is associated with the 13th Bomb Squadron (Korea) and is interested in photos of the B-25s with the local modification to install the 4 guns in the nose and 2 on each side.
Gus Breymann Gus is the nephew of Gustave M. Heiss, Jr.of the 27th Bomb Group.
William Hoevet William is the first cousin, once removed, of Major Dean Carol "Pinky" Hoevet who was killed in the crash of a B-17 Flying Fortress on 16 AUgust 1942 when a flare went off in the aircraft.
Bob Tupa Bob Tupa is the grandson of Capt Norman Lawler, the Adjutant of the 90th Bomb Group. He has some photographs which he needs help identifying.
Eldon Bryant Eldon lives in Townsville and is a member of the Royal Australian Artillery Association (Queensland) NQ Sub-Branch.
Tom Rivet Tom is in northern NY, USA and was at the Garbutt RAAF base in the 60's with a Naval Air Force detachment of A-3 Skywarriors (VAP-61, a Heavy Photographic squadron).

Mike Goodwin

Mike's stepfather, Linnly M."Max" Craig, was a Beaufighter pilot with the RAAF in the Pacific. His stepfather can't remember what his old squadron was and would like to find out. From Mike's research it would appear he may have been in either 30 Squadron or 31 Squadron. He was in Moratoi for a while.
Jay Craig Jay is writing a book on her Grandmother's life. Her name was Gladys May Davies and she grew up on the Atherton Tablelands and worked in Townsville during the Second World War.
Bob Borchert Bob Borchert was a radio operator in the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron, 374th Transport Group, USAAF. He flew many missions with Ed Whatley out of Port Moresby.
Rip Collins Rip Collins from Houston was in the 40th Fighter Squadron in the 35th Fighter Group.
Corinne Peters Corinne is helping her sister-in-law to find out about her father. He was an American service man who was in Townsville in 1944-45. His name was Truman Flower or Flowers.
Lisha Kayrooz Lisha has lived in Townsville now for most of the last 30 years after growing up in Ingham to the north. Lish is fascinated by Townsville's wartime history. Lisha's father-in-law, Lawrie Stratford (Sq Ldr Retired) was a RAAF sigs operator at the time of the Japanese air-raids of Townsville and actually DF'd the two Japanese planes on their 2nd raid.
Brian Evans Brian Evans is the President of the Australian Society of Aviation Artists. He found my site while searching for data on Empire Flying Boats. He is also the Editor of a quarterly Newsletter.
Murray Hopkins Murray lives in Townsville and has a keen interest in military aircraft & WW2.
Steve Richardson Steve is from Panama City, Florida and his father Comer Eugene Richardson, was stationed in Townsville during WWII for 22 months, mostly during 1944 and 45.
Gary Bedingfield Gary is planning to write a book on military baseball in the Pacific during WWII. He would be pleased to hear from anyone, veterans or relatives, who can offer information or photographs of wartime baseball in the Pacific.
William E. "Tommy" Thompson "Tommy" was in the 6th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Troop Carrier Group. He flew from USA to Townsville.
Clinton Palmer Clinton was in the 49th Fighter Group and spent time at both Darwin and Townsville.
Nat Kipner Nat was in the 4th Air Depot Group which was changed to the 81st Air Depot Group. He was in Townsville only once on a flight back from New Guinea to Brisbane when we stopped to refuel.
Robert Bolton Robert was with the 911th Signal Company, part of the 4th Air Depot Group, stationed at Townsville from Sept. 1942 until moving to the Philippines shortly after the landing at Leyte.
Stuart Soffer Stuart is after information on 1st Lieutenant Abraham Soffer 0-791005. Stationed in New Guinea in 1943 with the 90th Bombardment Squadron/3rd Bombardment Group. His plane was the "Notre Dame de Victore". He was chief Navigator on the raid of Rabaul in mid October 1943.

Inge Blessas

Inge's mother, the former Gwen Rosenfeld was not able to go home when the Japanese bombs hit as the area was cordoned off. She lived in Oonoomba next to the Palm trees.

David J. Gunn

David was posted to Townsville in late June, 1944 and fondly remembers his time in Townsville.

K. Dessoulavy

K. Dessoulavy is helping someone to find her half sister in Townsville. The mother married an American called Grabosky who was recuperating.

Tor Welch

Tor was on temporary duty in Townsville during the 1960's while serving as a flight officer in the U S Navy as part of a transport squadron (VR-21) involved in providing logistic support for aerial photo recon evidence of Indonesian incursions in New Guinea.

Sharon Poolier

Sharon's mother was Mary Spence. She was stationed in Townsville during WW2 and drove American officers (including LBJ) and also allied officers.

Bill Edge

Bill was born in Townsville 1935 and lived there all through the war. He lived in South Townsville. He remembers the Japanese air raids quite well.

Terry Gallaway

Terry's family own the Roseneath Orderly Room near Stuart.

Virginia Thorley

Virginia lived in Townsville during WW2 and can remember the Americans landing vehicles from two landing barges at Kissing Point.


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