4 Squadron RAAF was formed at Richmond on 3 May 1937. The Squadron was initially equipped with Hawker demons and Avro Ansons. After only two years the squadron was renumbered and became 6 Squadron RAAF.

4 Squadron was reformed at Richmond on 17 June 1940. The Squadron was equipped with Hawker Demons, de Havilland Moth Minors. Some CAC Wirraways arrived at a later date. They were initially trained in dive bombing, ground attack and photo reconnaissance roles.

4 Squadron relocated to Canberra in November 1940.

The Squadron was relocated to Camden in May - July 1942 and then moved to Kingaroy in southern Queensland in September 1942. In November 1942, the Squadron relocated to Berry airfield at Port Moresby in New Guinea. A 4 Squadron Wirraway had the honour of being the only Wirraway to have ever shot down a Japanese aircraft. Pilot Officer J.S. Archer and Sgt. J.L. Coulston shot down a Japanese Zero on 26 December 1942.

4 Squadron received its first CAC Boomerangs in June 1943. The Squadron relocated to Fairbairn, Australia by January 1946.

John Moremon is writing the unit history of 4 Squadron and 5 Squadron RAAF during WW2.

Former 4 Squadron pilot, Peter Masters has written a book about his time in 4 Squadron RAAF. It contains good accounts of two crashes he had in Queensland. The first was in Wirraway A20-146 in December 1941, somewhere near Rockhampton; the second was in Kittyhawk A29-77, which he was ferrying back from Milne Bay (for 75 Sqn) in 1943. His book, Born Lucky, sells for $19.95 (132 pages). It is published by Seaview Press, PO Box 234, Henley Beach, SA, 5022 (seaview@seaviewpress.com.au). 

The Wirraway crash (A20-146) was in mid-December. It appears they got lost and ran out of fuel. They came in for a forced-landing but "as I did this, my dear old Pratt and Whitney Wasp engine spluttered and stopped, and I put the nose down. By a miracle of circumstance, we hit a five-wire fence with our wheels, then hit a horse with one wing and a cow with the other, before plunging into a creek bed on our belly." 



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