Subject:     Looking for a freind's daughter
Date:              Sat, 13 Feb 1999 22:38:41 EST

Peter Dunn:

I obtained your email address from Cyril Klimesh's web site. I was in the 22nd bomb group stationed at Woodstock during ww2. I made friends with Les Turner. Les passed away Jan.22nd, 1996. I have since been in touch with his daughter. she is:

Mrs. Kim Warren
C1-7 Watt Street
Wulguru. 4811
Townsville, Q.

If you could possibly contact her I would appreciate your letting her know that I would like to hear from her

Regards, Robert Thompson



Subject:    Interested in home page
Date:             Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:49:26 EST

How do I locate your home page? I was a pilot in the 19th Squadron, 22nd Bomb Group.I flew out of Woodstock until Nov. 1942 when we moved to Iron Range.  From there we went back to Woodstock and then to Dobodura, New Guinea in 1943. I returned to the States in December 1943. I can't tell you much about crashes in the Townsville area except I landed at the main base in Townsville without a nose gear in about Jan. 1943 in a B-26 Martin Marauder. Not much damage and no injuries.

Please let me hear from you.

Bob Thompson



Subject:     Re: interested in home page
Date:              Fri, 2 Apr 1999 14:01:42 EST


During what period were you in the 19th? (I was not born till 1948 so was far too young to be in the 19th - Peter) Did you start out as a co-pilot and if so who was your pilot?

I can't give you any exact dates now because I spend the winter in Florida and my permanent home is in Montana and my Form 5 is out there. I'll be back there about April 15th. I will also have a new email and will let you know what it is when I get back. I leave here Mon. April 5th so don't send any email after the 4th. I will have access to a scanner when I get back to Polson, Mst. My mailing address there is: P.O. Box 204, Polson, Mt. 59860.

I have a few photos back home and will gladly send you some. Have you read the book published by Frank Allen's daughter. That has a lot of photos and quite a bit of information. He was my flight leader until he went home and then I took over the flight in early 1943.

Do you have information on the crash that occured near Townsville in which Bud Rye was killed. (Yes - 15 May 1942 at Reid River) I think this happened in the summer of 1942. He was a passenger and I don't know the name of the pilot. Bud was in the 408th. 

Where do you live? (I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Peter)

I'll talk to you later.

Regards, Bob Thompson.


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