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I found your web page the other day and was engrossed in the information. Thankyou.

I was posted to Townsville twice during my 22 years in the military, both times to Lavarack Barracks. The first posting was between
November 1973 and July 1977 and the second between July 1979 and June 1981.

I was (and still am) very interested in WWII aviation and aircraft and used my time in Townsville well searching for aircraft remains and visiting the many of the old wartime installations and sites.

I did manage to turn up a few aircraft bits and pieces in my travels and toured far and wide. My travels were diverse and included a trip to Cape York by trail bike, a climb to the top of Mt Thumb on Hinchinbrook Island to look at the B24 remains, another climb to the top of the mountain (well it felt like a bloody mountain by the time I got to the top!) at Alligator Creek to find the Mosquito wreck and poking around the old wartime strips including Antill Plains, the Bohle, Ross River etc, etc.

I was fortunate enough to have an attachment to the helicopter squadron at Lavarack for six months and managed to talk several pilots into doing aerial trips to a lot of these places as well as it was so much easier to get the "lay of the land" whilst hovering at 100' than it was walking all over it and missing things (I managed to find a P51 drop tank on Ross River Strip this way)

Anyway, I must get back to the more mundane things in life.

Once again, thanks for info on Townsville during the war.

Rodger Kelly


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