Subject:     Visited your 3rd Bb Gp site
Date:              Sat, 26 Jun 1999 23:44:35 -0400
From:            "Charles W. Hinton" <>

I was directed to your site by my webmeister, Sandra Fenton.

I enjoyed the visit. I wonder if you have any additional photos of the B-25s with the local modification to install the 4 guns in the nose and 2 on each side? You have one that might meet my need but I was looking for one that would show the nose and one side of the ship without people in the photo - and maybe showing more of the plane.

Are you aware of the history of those B-25s and how the 3rd acquired them - namely by stealing them from the Dutch?

I will be putting all the historic planes flown by the 3rd (my interest of course is in the 13th Bomb Sq) on our web site in the not distant future, and I need a good B-25 photo with the guns.

I note you have an Australian address so I assume you are Aussie?

I hope you have visited my site at:

Charles Hinton, Florida, USA



Subject:     Charles Hinton request
Date:              Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:03:52 -0400
From:              "Charles W. Hinton" <>

I forgot to ask the question with the previous transmission.

Many years ago I was in touch with an Australian - John E. Horne - who was a B-26 enthusiast. He was collecting information for publication, and did in fact have some articles published about the B-26.

This is really a far out question, but do you have any directory service there that might be able to locate him. My recollection is that he was in NSW but it has been many years. (Can anyone help to put Charles back in contact with John E. Horne?)

I know, if you asked me such a question in the US I would be lost. Anyway, just a question.



I need your help


 Peter Dunn 2015


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