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Subject:  Photo
Date:          Mon, 18 Jan 1999 21:26:02 EST
From:         Bill Howard

You may already know this, the gentleman to the far right of the Australian soldiers looks to me to be an American. Only Americans would dress like that! My dad was in Townsville at that time, an American soldier. Not much help, but thought I'd run it by you.

Have a good day.

Bill Howard


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Subject: About that photo
Date:         Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:07:10 EST
From:        Bill Howard

Hi my name is Bill Howard I'm from Lynn, Massachusetts, USA, north of Boston. I sent you an e-mail and a photo of my father and the guys he was stationed with.

When I saw your website and the picture of the gentleman wearing cover-alls I thought of the photo I sent you. On the back of the photo is written "Townsville, Australia 1942". I'm still finding more photos and paperwork, so I may have more info later.

My dad's name was Bill or William Howard. On the back of another photo is written "Brisbane, Australia 1942" another one states "4th Camp Hq. + Camp Co. APO 922 1942". In the states he was in the 9th Coastal Artillery, but transferred into another outfit at the beginning of the war.

He told me years ago that when they sailed for Melbourne the supplies went on the troop ship and the men went on the supply ship. The Japanese sank the troop ship, so all their clothes, uniforms etc. went with it. When they arrived in Australia on July 16, 1942, most of the men only had cover-alls to wear. That's why I said the gentleman in your picture had to be an American. 

On Sept. 15, 1942 he flew to New Guinea, he was only in Australia for three months. He was in the Army for ten years, he seemed to enjoy his stay in your country most of all his military experiences. He always spoke highly of Australia and the Australian people. I wished I had more to tell you, my dad passed away three months ago. I can check on some of the others and see what I can come up with. I have to close now, I'll try scanning some more photos and get back to you soon. Hope It will be of some help to you.

Bill Howard


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