Subject:    22nd Bomb Group
Date:             Fri, 18 Sep 1998 20:36:47 -0500
From:           "James C. Houston" <notsuohj@swbell.net>

I was with the 22nd Bomb Group when they were in the Townsville area. I was with the 2nd Squadron stationed at a place called Reid River.   Our Camp was in the middle of a Cattle Station. Attached are a couple photos of one of the B-26 crashes in the area. Go to the Red Raider site, for more information on these crashes.


B-26 Marauder at Reid River


Crash of B-26 Marauder
#40-1392 "Old Timer"
at Reid River,
in March 1942


Crash of B-26 Marauder
#40-1392 "Old Timer"
at Reid River,
in March 1942


Crash of B-26 Marauder
#40-1392 "Old Timer"
at Reid River,
in March 1942



Subject:     Re: 22nd Bomb Group
Date:              Sat, 19 Sep 1998 23:24:43 -0500
From:            "James C. Houston" <notsuohj@swbell.net>


They are the same date, The pilot was Harry Patterson.

On the Red Raider Web site, he has a list of all plane losses, and you will probably find it listed there.

I spent many happy hours in Townsville.

There was an artist there who painted leather patches for us. I still have one. He had a young girl working for him who was also a good artist. Scan attached!



United States Armed Forces in Australia Patch (USAFIA)

Does anyone know who the artist
was that painted this leather patch?



Subject:   Re: 22nd Bomb Group
Date:     Thu, 24 Sep 1998 10:48:53 -0500
From:    "James C. Houston" <notsuohj@swbell.net>

On the 50th Anniversary Of VJ DAY (Victory over Japan) I was in Fredericksburg, Texas as a representative of the 22nd Bomb Group. Fredericksburg is the birth place of Admiral Nimitz. The Navy thought he won the War. This shindig was put on by the Navy, and the Army and Air Force were not invited until a couple Months before the thing happened. Therefore most of the people and things were navy. There was only 3 guys from the 22nd. The other two guys got into the 22nd 2 weeks before VJ DAY.

I would really like to have that book. I was going to order it, and misplaced the letter he sent me.




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