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Subject:     Townsville during the war
Date:             Sun, 12 Nov 2000 22:03:52 +1300
From:            Eric Dessoulavy <eric.dessoulavy@paradise.net.nz>


I was looking at your page and it is most interesting, I hadn't realised that townsville was so affected and involved in the war. Now to be totally off of the topic csomewaht, I have recently come across someone trying to find her half sister in Townsville. The mother married an American, who was recuperating, her family ownd a sheep station, the married name was Grabosky, first name Dorothy. Would you have any idea where she could go to find further infoarmation, the reason I ask is that your page is so comprehensive you may have an idea.

I will return to your page, I love old photos and find them fascinating.

K Dessoulavy


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