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Subject:    Re: 39th Fighter Squadron
Date:             Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:46:30 -0600
From:          "Dan Leggett" <dleggett@dlas.com>

Mr. Peter Dunn,

My only knowledge of the 39th is what little my Dad passed on to me. He did not catch up with the unit until New Guinea and from there island hopped into Japan. One lead that I will pass on to you is Mr. Kendall W. Anderson at kandy@win.bright.net. We have corresponded a few times within the last year and I believe he attended their last reunion. At one time he was interested in posting a 39th Fighter Squadron web site.

I also viewed your site http://www.st.net.au/~dunn/p38crash.htm. Good job, this is a very interesting story.

Good luck and please keep me posted,

Dan Leggett


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