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UPDATE:- It is with regret that I have to advise that Nat Kipner passed away in West Hills, California, USA on 1 December 2009. He was survived by his wife Alma and son Steve Kipner.


Subject:  4ADG
Date:          Sat, 20 May 2000 21:51:40 EDT
From:         Nat Kipner

Dear P Dunn

I tried your internet number and could not get through to your Website

I certainly was in the 4th Air Depot Group which was changed to the 81st Air Depot Group. We were stationed in Brisbane, and then in Finchaven New Guinea.

I was in Townsville only once and that was on a flight back from New Guinea to Brisbane when we stopped to refuel. Please write me at your convenience. We may have had some similar experiences. I look forward to your answer.

Nat Kipner



Nat Kipner enlisted in the US Army Air Corps at the age of 17 years. He lied about his age. He arrived in Brisbane on Boxing Day, 1941 on the USS President Coolidge. He worked for Air Corps Supply, firstly in the 4th US Air Depot, then the 81st Air Depot Group in Brisbane. Nat married Alma, who lived in Brisbane in 1944. They returned to the United States after the war. They returned to Brisbane in the early 1950s. He became involved in the music industry in Australia. He either wrote or co-wrote approximately 70 recorded songs while he lived in Australia. He worked with the Bee Gees.

Nat launched Spin Records, which signed the Bee Gees up for their first label deal. Nat Kipner recorded the Bee Gees' first No. 1 single in Australia, "Spicks And Specks."


Can anyone help me with more information?


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