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Subject:   Beaufighters
Date:           Fri, 03 Dec 1999 20:36:19 -0800

I found your web site while surfing around the other day. I do have an interest in Beaufighters. I'm probably one of the very few Americans who even know what a Beaufighter is. My stepfather was a Beaufighter pilot with the RAAF in the Pacific. He is still alive and doing very well. However, he can't remember what his old squadron was and I would like to find out for him.

He came to America a few years after the war and has been here ever since. I would like to try to track down some of his old squadron mates for him if possible. From the little research I have done, I think he was in either 30 Squadron or 31 Squadron. Both flew Beaufighters out of Morotai and I remember my stepfather talking about being in Morotai. What I'm looking for are reunion groups from these squadrons so I can contact them and find out exactly which squadron he was in. Can you help me with this?

I have been unable to find any RAAF Beaufighter Reunion Groups on the web. Do you know of any or know of someone who might know?


As a couple of side notes, my real father was an American Navy Pilot (PBYs, also flyng out of Morotai) who married my Australian mother. Unfortunately, he was shot down by the Japanese and killed. My stepfather told me many years ago that he crashed twice during the war, and I believe one of those was while in a Beaufighter. I have no other details but would like to find out more. My stepfather's name is Linnly M.Craig and was known as "Max" during the war. He was a Pilot Officer of some unknown rank. Can you Help? I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Goodwin
California, USA


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