Subject:    Texas Terror
Date:             Tue, 16 Feb 1999 19:51:14 -1000
From:           "Carl Silber Jr." <silberjr@pacbell.net>

Dear Peter,

Thank you for sending me your home page "Townsville at War".

Did my dads picture appear in the Brisbane Sunday Mail of 14 Feb. 99? If so could you send me a copy? My address is 98-703 Iho Pl. #903, Aiea, Hawaii USA 96701. On 10 March I am moving to California, My new address will be 1076 Camino Del Sol, Chula Vista, California 91910 USA.

I do plan to be back in Australia to attend the dedication of the memorial to the Texas Terror. My dads unit the 8th Fighter Group arrived in Brisbane on 6 Mar. 42. They began air operations out of Brisbane's Municipal airport. On 29 Jul. 42 they moved to Garbutt Field, Townsville and from the date written on the back of the picture I believe that is where his picture was taken with the Kangaroo. On 18 Sep. 42 the Group moved to Papua, New Guinea. War records indicate that the men in the Group were all getting sick with malaria and were being sent back to the hospital in Townsville. I that that is what happened to my dad and after recovering he was trying to get back to his outfit. He hitched a ride on the Texas Terror that morning of 18 Dec. 42.

In Feb. 43 the whole 8th Fighter Group was evacuated back to Garbutt as they were all too sick to continue air operations. In Mar. 43 they returned to New Guinea to resume the war against the Japs. I've always been proud of my dads military service and his participation in World War II. The monument being built in Ingham is proof of the special partnership between our two nations which began over half a century ago and I feel will remain in the years to come.

Sincerely, Carl H. Silber, Jr.



Subject:     Re:TexasTerror
Date:              Fri, 19 Feb 1999 11:11:00 -1000
From:           "Carl Silber Jr." <silberjr@pacbell.net>

Peter, I do not know which Squadron my dad was in, the history of the 8th Fighter Group does not list names by Squadron. It basically gives a recap of their movements, Commanders, promotions & a log of missions. I found my dads name listed when he was promoted to Captain which was only 1 month before the crash & at the same time it mentions that he had been assigned as Hq Squadron Adjutant.

During the war all of his mail was censored & pictures could not show buildings or landmarks. In one letter he sent to my mom he asked her to guess where she thought he was? My mon did not know that the crash site had been found until 1944, up to that time he was just listed as missing. I have other pictures but do not have a scanner to send to you. If the Herbert River Express does not send you copies of their papers on the crash let me know as I have most of them and could make copies for you.




Subject:    Texas Terror
Date:              Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:26:35 -1000
From:           "Carl Silber Jr." <silberjr@pacbell.net>

Peter, Yes I read your pages on the 8th Fighter Group. After I get settled down in my new home in California I will send you some more history of the 8th that may be of interest to add to your pages. The history is on microfiche and you need a microfiche reader to see it. I do not have a friend near by that has a scanner, maybe one of my new neighbours will have one in Calif. or I may get one. Next Thursday the packers come so my computer will be down for approx. 1 month. I will have to get a new internet company in Calif. as GTE does not serve southern Calif. When I am back in business I will get back with you.

Thanks, Carl



Subject:     Crew of Texas Terror
Date:              Tue, 14 Dec 1999 12:15:57 -0800
From:            "Carl Silber Jr." <silberjr@pacbell.net>


Below find the names of the 4 crewmen of Lt Gumaer, Jr:-

2nd Lt Dewey G. Hooper, co-pilot
2nd Lt David B. Lowe, navigator
T/Sgt Waldo W. Kellner, engineer
S/Sgt Walter E. Haydt, radio operator

Also the plane was assigned to the 90th Bomb Group, 400th Squadron. I thought you might like to add this information to your web site on the Texas Terror.

Best regards,



Subject:     New E-Mail Address
Date:              Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:12:25 -0700
From:            "Carl H. Silber" <silberjr@pacbell.net>


I have a new e-mail address <silberjr@pacbell.net>. I will be departing for Australia on the 19th arriving on the 21st. Will be in Ingham for 7 days for the memorial dedication. Please keep in touch.




Subject:    Visit
Date:             Wed, 12 May 1999 19:43:28 -0700
From:           "Carl H. Silber" <silberjr@pacbell.net>


What a trip...it turned out to more than I could have ever expected. I met C.W. Hooper & his nephew Carl Wall at the airport in Los Angeles & we flew together to Australia. The people of Hinchinbrook Shire were just great to us. The USAF sent the Vice  Commander of 5th AF plus three staff members, the 8th Fighter Wing Commander and the USAF Air Attache's from the Embassy. We will never forget the hospitality given to us and special tribute to our relatives. I hope the USAF can find more of the relatives so they can now visit the memorial.

I am glad you saw the TV coverage, it was such a special event for me, that TV new was seen by Pat Kenny in Townsville as well and he called to say he wanted to give me my dad's dog tags, I wore them around my next on the  flight home a feel I have brought a part of him home with me. While in Ingham I put some of the photos I had of the 8th Fighter Group on the computer and will try to get them to you, some may be of interest to add to your website. I will contact the memorial organizers office and ask them to send them to you.

Best regard, Carl



Subject:     Names
Date:              Sun, 20 Jun 1999 16:09:16 -0700
From:            "Carl H. Silber" <silberjr@pacbell.net>


Below find listed the names of the men that were on the Texas Terror: 1st Lt James E. Gumaer, Jr. Pilot (On the memorial & grave headstone he is listed as a Capt) I assume that he was up for promotion & was promoted after the crash

2nd Lt Dewey G. Hooper copilot
2nd Lt Davis B. Lowe navigator
T/Sgt Waldo W. Kellner engineer
S/Sgt Walter E. Haydt radio operator
Col Carroll G. Riggs 197th Coast Artillery
Capt Carl H. Silber 8th Fighter Group
Capt Peter E. Kiple 8th Fighter Group
1st Lt John E. Cooper 19th Bomb Group
1st Lt Raymond F. Dakin 197th Coast Artillery
T/4 Micheal M. Goldstop 1156 QM Corps
Mr. Robert C. Trevithick Pratt & Whitney Div.

Gumaer's son James E. Gumaer III does not have internet access. I have my wifes relatives visiting from Korea and when they leave on 2 July. I will have time to send you some of the pictures I have. Did Felix send you the photos that I had put on his computer, I asked his secretary Angie to send them to you. Thanks for everything.


PS The plane belonged to the 90th Bomb Group


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